Stuck in the Mud

Nowhere to go

From the Light … Into the darkness … How we take our selves offline.

So then … imagine. Imagine a super-muddy mud puddle. And then crawling in and rolling around in the mud. Loading up your clothes with mud. And then laying in the sun and letting it all dry. Crusty muddy clothes. Now imagine getting bigger clothes and putting them on over your already muddy clothes. And going right back into the mud.

Imagine doing this for many iterations. Where you have so many layers of clothes on, all loaded up with mud. And then lying in the sun until it all dries up and is rigid and stiff.

There you are, lying on the ground, perhaps stuck. Stuck in the mud. Not having the strength to move. Not even a budge.

This is a metaphor for karma. How many people on this planet are stuck in the (karmic) mud of their past? Where one day is pretty much exactly like the previous day? Perhaps even like the same day, last year? Or even a decade ago?

Perhaps it is the homeless ones. You see them on the street corners. Looking to get another drink, and soon would be best. Or perhaps they start their verbal recital. How the world is set against them. Where they are the victim of the brutality of humanity. Or the religious addict. Strongly protesting the “sins” of the “wicked.” All stuck in the mud.

Energetically, we are very, very powerful BEings. So powerful that our minds cannot even imagine our true potential. If we were able to travel the galaxy, we would find planets where there would be BEings of Light. Manifesting inspiration into form, in the blink of an eye. Where they create at will. Knowing their own Divinity. And having no karma to tell them otherwise.

Indeed, to play out the role of the victim, you HAVE TO disconnect from your truth. Powerful personas know the truth. We had to shed our power to create a mythology loaded up with slavery, war, and suffering. We rolled in the karmic mud until we could no longer see our own Divinity.

Energy. Inner Chi. The energy of consciousness. The Power of Consciousness. The Power of You.

Where did our power go? Where did we “put” our power so that we could play out the powerless archetypes? How much power did we have to let go of?

A lot of power. We had to get rid of an immense amount of power. We put our power, as karma, into our own subconscious. Our karma is our own consciousness that we have pushed into our own subconscious. And on this planet, we have put so much karmic mud into our personal energy personas that we are barely living our true Divine potentials.

To cleanse your karma … A simple sentence. But a huge energetic task. There are many modalities to help you cleanse your karma. But some come to the ocean of karma with a thimble. Where a fleet of supertankers would get the job moving along a lot faster.

Our human consciousness is logarithmic. Which means a hug can amplify your power many times over if you’re living on the bottom of the power scale. And yet, at the top of the scale, the immense power involved allows a single point of presence, like yourself, to transform the karma of humanity itself. The power players in our human story.

Most of your karma is subconscious. Off your radar screen. Energetically it is an ever-present numbness. So much the norm, that you perhaps can’t even recognize it, let alone release it.

Do not be discouraged by any of this. Your soul chose to load up your karma so that you could incarnate on this planet and play out the archetypes of your past. This place, planet Earth, is perhaps the MOST ADVANCED class in karma in perhaps the entire galaxy. That is how advanced your karmic teachings have been. To be so covered in mud, and yet still be able to find the Light of Love within your own BEing, is the graduation of karma itself.

A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor. You are here to graduate from the most advanced school of karma around. The story of your journey will be heard with amazement and wonder. Once you graduate from here, then you can be a true Ascended Master of Light.

Wow, I am so honored to walk this path with you. Your salvation is assured. All Souls return to Heaven. EnJoy the journey

… I don’t want to write a book (right now ;-), just a blog …

Love to you in this day of our time here on Earth.



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