Wet Cleanup …  Isle 5

Who made this mess anyway?

The store paging system crackled yet another request for … wet cleanup … Isle 5. Someone had made a BIG mess. Time to clean it up.

… Fresh out of the birthing process… as a newborn baby, just moments old… You open your virgin eyes… You take a look around… and suddenly realize… What the Hell?

Who sent me HERE?

It can seem as if life is hard. And certainly from the ego’s perspective it can feel that way. There are many humans on this planet who are struggling to find their way through life.

But you? You remember. You remember that you are a timeless Soul. Having a human experience. A Soul that cannot die. A Soul that has an infinite field of potential to tap into. A field of “miracles” to the untrained mind. As an immortal Soul, you are not afraid. You know the truth of you. Your ego has figured out that you are safe. And you are loved.

Breathing in a big sigh of relief… you relax in the truth. In truth… you are safe. Forever. Safe. Now and always. In all ways.

Now… about this mess…

When you look at the human condition here on Earth and realize your Soul chose THIS lifetime with a specific life purpose in mind… you can feel right at home within the karmic storm of our humanity. When you can relax into this truth… you can see past the struggles of humanity. You can see the essence of who you, and everyone else, actually are on this planet. The creator incarnate. The creator of all that is… incarnate. Yes, that IS you now.

What is your dream? And perhaps, what are the dreams of your ancestors? Heaven on Earth? Peace? Prosperity? Unconditional Love? Laughter? Vitality? Adventure?

When you dream… it creates an opportunity for a completely NEW paradigm to take root. The power of you lies within your role as a creator. To create a NEW paradigm. A NEW outcome.

Do not fret over the condition of our human demeanor… Do not fret over the mess in Isle 5. The mop and bucket can clean it up in short order. Likewise… the karmic “story” we have created, can easily be replaced. Once you trust your ability to actually create.

To actually create… as you choose to… allows a new paradigm to be born in THIS moment. To dream the best dream… as a seed of what will be… is to transcend the karmic momentum of our past and seed the garden of Heaven on Earth. The seeds are planted in you, as you. Being manifested through you. That is how powerful you really are.

My my… I Love your vision of Heaven!

Love You!



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