Get Your EGO On Board

Who is driving your life?

You didn’t have an ego when you were born. Yet, through the desires of their egos is how most people navigate life.

Your ego can decide, by not letting go, how your life will go. If your ego dominates ALL of your consciousness… Well, it would be easier to get a freight train through the eye of a needle … than for you to discover who you really are. ;- )

And the universe goes on. Time will wait forever. Although the universe has so much love for you, the love of the universe has no conditions. Do you want to descend into hell? Sure thing. Do you want to (re)connect with the Source Consciousness within you now? Sure thing.

You will choose everything that you do. Either consciously choosing it, or subconsciously choosing it. Your ego typically has a track record of staying in the realm of subconscious choices. Your ego typically sucks at blazing NEW ground. Because the ego wants to survive. The ego wants SOME type of assurance that its choices will keep the ego intact. And the ego uses experiences from the past to decide how “safe” a choice is. Thus … karmic concrete. No (real) chance of breaking out of the grip of the ego.

Most people have no sense of Unconditional Love for themselves. Most people wrestle with the basics of Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love will kick your ass … in the most delightful way … if you can learn to love yourself without conditions or motives.

You are going through a day right now. This day. Right now. Even if the sun has gone down, or hasn’t come up yet, you are living out this day. Where is the Love? Where is Love lying … sleeping. Where can you awaken Love again? Your attitude, your diet, your vision for your life, your forgiveness for yourself? Perhaps more compassion for yourself?

Take some time to imagine where there is unharvested Love within you now. Self-Love.

Teach your ego the value to making a habit of harvesting Love as you go about your day(s).

You are Source Consciousness. It is done unto you as YOU believe. Believe!

Love to You on this day.



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