I can’t get no satisfaction

When our ego goes looking for satisfaction

When we go looking for satisfaction, we can struggle to keep the feeling sustained. Oftentimes the ego puts the feeling of satisfaction on things or events. Getting married. Or a promotion at work. Or perhaps a new car. Oftentimes, we will postpone the feeling when we are trying to accomplish something. Perhaps graduating from college or winning an Emmy.

I am not putting down the pursuit of accomplishments. But rather, on hanging our sense of self on anything outside of us.

Everything in our life has a season. Every thing, be it a person, place or thing, is a season of experiences. In truth, the only thing that does not have a season is ourselves. Our own point of presence. Our own consciousness itself.

You are an eternal well of consciousness. Your ego does not create the consciousness it “runs on.” But rather, your consciousness is what illuminates your ego. Without consciousness, there is no awareness.

Often our egos want a sense of fulfillment. A feeling of connection. A feeling of satisfaction. And we can create waves of just that. Waves that come and go. That rise and thus also subside. No-thing has lasting permanence. So how do we satisfy this desire for satisfaction?

I am not my ego. I am not my mind. I am not my body. I am no-thing incarnate. Source Consciousness, by its very nature, does not have form. Any form. It is no-thing. And, perhaps, that is why we will never “find it” outside of ourselves. Yet, this no-thing, this Source Consciousness, can give us a sense of fulfillment.

That sense of fulfillment comes from understanding. It comes from recognizing the truth of who we really are. It can fulfill us all the days of our lives … once we truly know who we really are. There is a huge sense of peace that comes over us. An ocean of peace that lies at the core of our own BEing. From the Source Consciousness of who we really are.

To shift our perspective of ourselves, to the idea of Source Consciousness alone, means that we can then let go of any sense of identity. Indeed, to be truly free, is to not hang our hat on any-thing. To let go of any-thing outside of us as identifying who we really are. By becoming empty … we become full. By becoming no-one. We identify with all-that-is. To posture with creation … to say to ourselves … I am this and I am not that … is to create a karmic propensity.

Certainly create. Go for the diploma. Enter the competition. Get the flashy new car, if that is what you authentically desire. When we set challenges before us, we grow who we are. We evolve. We discover more of our own potential. But don’t hang your hat on it as some kind of defining attribute. For when the wave subsides, you will lose your sense of fulfillment.

The doorway to freedom, and thus lasting satisfaction, is to anchor your sense of self to your own Divine consciousness within you now. Then you will live in everlasting peace.

Love You



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