Riding the Waves

Where are our emotions taking us?

So how long does it take you to experience an emotional re-action? When you feel emotionally upset, how long does it take to go all the way through the emotional wave? There are all kinds of variations to that notion. If you spill the milk or you go through the heartache of losing a loved one, you tend to have emotional re-actions to all kinds of events in our lives. I know there is quite a difference between those two examples. But it is still something to consider.

Emotions have energy behind them. The energy of those emotions comes from our own consciousness. When we emotionally re-act to our experiences, we create very similar re-sults. A karmic momentum of sorts.

Our emotions are a reflection of ourselves. They can be thought of as messengers. Messengers that have information for us. Our emotions are telling us how we see ourselves in relationship to what is happening. Our emotions actually change… well, hopefully they do. As we evolve our own consciousness, our emotional re-actions change. Assuming that we are actually evolving our consciousness. There are those people who change very little over the years.

Often we can blame the emotional triggers themselves. Emotional triggers are either people, or perhaps circumstances, that we have an emotional re-action to… creating the same re-sults.

Perhaps it is your boss. Or your lover. Or the folks on social media.

The emotions themselves are showing you how you feel about yourself. IF you have low self-esteem and someone belittles you, you might have an emotional re-action that says… you are not worthy. That re-action might last for a few hours, through the rest of the day, or perpetuate over several days. The longer the re-action(s), the further away from your truth you are. If your self-confidence were strong and certain… that petty comment would not even elicit ANY reaction. But then, if you were self-confident, you WOULD be an evolved consciousness.

The emotions that you feel are a very good measuring stick for your own level of conscious evolution. Nothing that happens to you is personal. Not really. IF you knew the truth… nothing COULD rattle you. And if it does get under your skin, it is a result of your past karmic imprinting. It is a reflection of your karmic imprinting. A very valuable source of feedback for yourself. Showing the nature of your karmic disposition.

Don’t run away from your teacher(s). For a new improved karmic teacher will show up to teach you. You take your karmic lessons with you. How many people go from one relationship to another, avoiding the lesson(s) themselves? Karma does not care how long you take. The teachers in your life right now CAN teach you what you need to learn to evolve past the emotional patterns of your life right now. But not if you blame the teachers…

Emotional Aerobics … One and two and one and two…

Love You!



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