Did you try unplugging it?

Did you ever have something stop working? You tried giving it a good smack? Just when you thought it was a lost cause…
… and then you unplugged it … and it started working again?

Did you ever fret and worry about something in your life… wringing your hands over it, and it just wouldn’t go away?

We are the creators of our experience(s). What we focus on … expands. Our emotions are waves of energy (inner chi) that are broadcast out into the universe. And the Law of Attraction kicks in and brings us more of the same.

You cannot create abundance, love, joy, happiness, etc. while focusing on lack, fear, hate, etc.

Try unplugging yourself. Try imagining that you are just observing the situation. That what you are witnessing is not yours.

Your karma is not personal. Wait … what? The principles of karma, just like the principles of gravity, are not personal. Nope. Your karma is as impersonal as losing your balance and falling over. Gravity does not care.

When you start to awaken in your spiritual journey, you start to see your deeper and deeper karmic imprinting. You start to see the undercurrents of your family of origin. Of some of the powerless dogma of the religion you were raised with. Of the karmic train-wrecks of our cultural institutions.

Take a step back. A BIG step back. And now imagine that you are just an observer. Who just popped into a scene of a global movie of sorts. A timeless Soul awakening in a karmic tribe with big core lessons to learn.

When we step out of the karmic re-actions, we can gain a bigger perspective. We can see the momentum of our karmic imprinting. Our emotions are telling us how we see ourselves in the situation. Our feelings are showing us where we are. Where we are in relationship to the scale of human consciousness. An imaginary scale of all the possible karmic stances we could be holding. On one end, perhaps, we are the victim. We see ourselves as a victim. And if we were to master our karma, cleanse our karmic imprinting, we would see ourselves on the other end of the karmic scale as the creator.

To unplug from the karmic re-actions … is to step out of the cyclic cycle of karma. Re-acting to our environment.

You will return to Heaven. You will master all aspects of karma. The truth of you is timeless and out of reach from human intentions. Your karma was accumulated. It has no substance of its own. It requires your consciousness to play out. All Souls return to Heaven. There is no other outcome. But how many lifetimes it takes … is up to You.

Love You!



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