Finding the Light Within

Where the journey of the seeker … ends

For myself, there was an episode where my own soul showed me the Light of Source. I had not expected it. Yet it would become a reference point for me to understand the Divine Light within each of us, and how we are to relate to our inner Light as human beings. It was then that I could actually experience what it was like to be only Light.

It was in that moment, where I could not sense any “thing.” No time or space. No here or there. No me or you. No directions. No up or down. No symbols. No meaning. No objects of any kind. Nothing but Light. It was a very profound and all-encompassing event. And the journey there and back gave me a glimpse into the underpinnings of creation itself. Part of what motivates my writings. It showed me how totally unbiased God is in God’s purest form. It reminds me of the perspective, blessed are the PURE (Light) in heart for they shall know God.

And I would suggest this reference to God could also be referring to the act of creation itself. So then, blessed are the pure of heart for they shall know creation. From that place of pure white Light, all things are possible. And the Unconditional Love of that space allows the dividing of the Light into lesser forms. And these lesser forms have created the entire canvas of existence that we are experiencing in order to have this human experience.

I will write in more detail about this in future books. To provide you with a model of how your divinity is showing up as you. How there are these things called egos that are running on top of the Divine
consciousness present within each one of us. How we create our egos, and then perhaps how we can navigate our egos to become more in alignment, which is the inherent nature of nature itself.

I would suggest that this is the journey of all time. The soul’s journey.  When the ego takes on the intent of gaining a better understanding of the hidden nature of nature, which is the start of the hero’s journey. And those souls, whose egos are successful at being able to authentically embody their own Divine consciousness, well, those are the leaders of this new chapter of humanity. Is that someone you? Are you here to reveal a deeper understanding of creation? Source? Human potential? Don’t tell me, tell you. For there is immense potential found within our human desires.

I don’t have to tell anyone about how much people want change. The political process during the 2016 elections in the United States of America have shown the desire for change. And for the upheaval of the nation as the new president took office and started a rapid pace of making changes too. At the root of all of this is our own collective desire for change to happen.

There are millions and perhaps even billions of us who want to see a fundamental change to how our human experience is unfolding. This is raw human potential. This is an unfulfilled desire for change. And change for change’s sake is not the key here but rather, I suggest, the desire for the end of suffering. The end of deceit. The end of exploitation of our human condition. This specific arena holds so much raw power that those who can discover the underlying truth of who they really are, and then come into alignment with that truth, will be the new humans who show up fully in their own divinity.

These are the new humans that can transcend the karmic imprinting of the collective. That can transcend the dogma of our culture’s misunderstanding of our human potential. Those who get glimpses of their own inner Light and finally know that all things are possible once everything that is out of alignment with their truth is gone, those are the ones who have been cleansed from their own Finding the Light Within personal energy persona. That they are able to restore their own purity. And anchor their sense of self as Light personified.

… The above is an excerpt from Les’ newly released book … Forgiven Sinner: God’s Last Savior.

Love You!



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