All For You

You are the thing itself

When is it all over? When will the stars retreat back to where they came from? When will it all be done?

We can put our salvation … out there. We haven’t met God again. We haven’t found Heaven.

I mean, the car needs tires. The house isn’t paid for. And then there is the issue of the new aches and pains.

How long are you going to wait? When WILL you get there?

Where are you going to find the Holy Grail? When will you return to Heaven? After you let your body go?

Right now. This now. This NOW. Now is the only time that you can ever experience Heaven. The Heaven that is IN You right now. You are what you are looking for. You are the thing itself. Don’t envy another. Don’t think that someone else has a better position in life. No. It cannot be that way.

Our ego is a symbol-processor. Our ego quantifies everything that it comes across. And it can categorize each and every thing it experiences. This is good. That is bad. What I want is over there. The ego lives in a sea of symbols. A wake of the past. This current moment is the birthplace of the past.

It is like standing at the back of a boat moving through the water. And the ego is quantifying the wake. See that big swell back there, that is when I was … [insert experience here].

Enter everything. Every thing. All the symbols. All that is. All that is … is what has been created up to this moment. And yet in another moment, all that is … is different. We are living in a living canvas of consciousness. Everything is in a state of change. Every thing has a season. A beginning, a middle, and an end. So where are you going to put heaven? Once this or that happens? Once I get married? Once I get over this cancer? Once I get out of debt? If we place our “place” of Heaven on some thing … we will have a time come where that something is different. It has changed.

What I am getting at here … is that Heaven itself … is no-thing. It is not a status. Or condition. It is not outside of you. It is Love itself. It is always at the core of who you are. Heaven is within you NOW. This Now. Right Now.

So how do we “get” to Heaven? Love. Love ALL that is … as it is … right now.

Unconditional Love is the essence of Heaven. Without substance. Without form. You will never “find” it as an object. Indeed, the ego can’t not process Unconditional Love because it has no substance of its own. Our ego experiences through symbols.  Where Heaven is felt. It is found in a pure heart. In a heart that can truly Love all that is …  right now.

Practice Loving. Today. This day. Love everything you can. Love E-X-P-A-N-D-S as you give it your consciousness.

Look with fresh eyes. Can you see that you live on a planet with fierce freedom? Can you see that you, as the creator incarnate, can create ANYTHING? Even suffering? For if anything were prohibited, then you would NOT be completely free.

Can you Love That?

Love YOU!



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