Passion Play

The feeling of passions expressed

Passion. Bring it! Allow it. Immerse into it. Surrender to it.

Passion, in and of itself, is the flow of “Soul” energy out through your body. Transcending your ego. Your sense of self.

To cultivate what you are authentically passionate about, is to expand the portal of your own Soul.

So many people on this planet are … the walking dead. Not really engaged in their life at all. Surrendered to a very repetitive pattern in their life. Wake up. Go to work. Come home and crash. And then do it all again. Not even a glimpse of passionate expression in their everyday life. Karma taking its toll.

It is only in uncertainty … that we are naked and alive. ~ Peter Gabriel.

I recently started riding motorcycles again. After a 20-year pause. And I must say … it is re-awakening my inner teenager 😉 It keeps reminding me of the early days on this planet. When I had long hair and a rebel spirit. I was born and raised Mormon. A religion that had an answer to every question. No need to think about anything. Just drink the koolaid.

To push through subconscious dogma in our own psyche, we need a little passionate expression. Do you have life all figured out? When was the last time you felt “on the edge?” When you didn’t know the outcome?

Passion expressed, is the flow of NEW energy. There is a feeling in our body when passion is flowing. And taken to the extreme, our whole body can feel ecstatic. Like a whole-body orgasm. This is by design. Divine Design.

We are here for the HUMAN experience. Zero archangels have made significant changes in our human mythology. At least by themselves, like some kind of glowing orb in the sky. Zero Divine BEings have descended from the heavens, waved some kind of magic wand, and ended the suffering of humanity. God and Goddess watch. It’s a hands-off approach. Sure thing they will guide YOU. YOU, a human BEing. But non-physical Divinity will not interfere with our human choices.

Our sexuality is a built-in source of passion. Kind of like a biological reference. A built-in example of what our passions CAN feel like. When we take our passions and express them in all sorts of ways, we can feel our bodies rejoice. This is by design. That sexual passion not only ensures the perpetuation of our species, but it is also a built-in example of how we can feel when our Soul is flowing in us. Through us. As us.

Music is a good place to explore the feelings of your own passion. What music moves you? What music shifts your feelings into a whole new realm? What arenas of expression have always excited you?

Your body will tell you when you have opened up to more of your passionate desires.

Allow the passion of your Soul to express in every way it wants. Passionate expressions will bring us out of our karma. Perhaps faster that most anything else.

Follow Your Passions.

Love You!



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