Passion Play The feeling of passions expressed Passion. Bring it! Allow it. Immerse into it. Surrender to it. Passion, in and of itself, is the flow of “Soul” energy out through your body. Transcending your ego. Your sense of self. To cultivate what you are authentically passionate about, is to expand the portal of your own Soul. So many people on this planet are … the walking dead. Not really engaged in their life at all. Surrendered to a very repetitive pattern in their life. Wake up. Go to work. Come home and crash. And then do it all again. Not even a glimpse of passionate expression in their everyday life. Karma taking its toll. It is only in uncertainty … that we are naked and alive. ~ Peter Gabriel. I recently started riding motorcycles again. After a 20-year pause. And I must say … it is re-awakening my inner…