IF You Start Now…

You just might scratch the surface

Who is driving your life? Who is the one making decisions in your life? Who?

Why it is ME … of course? Really?

Have you ever had a co-worker that was difficult, only to meet them outside of work and find them to be totally different? OR to catch yourself dreaming of a most incredible life for yourself? Like you just won the lottery? Or what if…

You are an infinite consciousness. Without end. Your Soul was the one that chose this life-path BEFORE you were born. And it will do it again before your next incarnation too.

Your Soul has an endless, without end, stream of inspiration, handcrafted, just for you. But, and this is a BIG but, IF you cannot fully engage the process of harvesting that inspiration … well then … life will most likely be … more of the same.

If your ego is the one driving your life, you might find yourself repeating cyclic thinking cycles throughout your day. Where the thoughts you think today are very similar to the the exact same thoughts you thought yesterday. Our egos LIKE to know the outcome. Our egos WANT to know what will happen, and as such, will constantly choose the very same things … over and over.

It’s like you wake up in an old-school Cadillac. But something is wrong. You are not even on a road. You wake up to find a brick on the gas pedal. And the motor is racing. A cyclic pattern of thought. You are ploughing through the country side, mowing down cactus. The windshield is covered in debris. Going nowhere, really.

And a still, small voice within you says … Can we drive? Your Heart and Soul have the map. The life-path that was chosen for you before you were even born. As you feel the car hit yet another cactus, you relent. You pull the steering wheel off, and hand it up to your Heart and Soul. Instantly the car starts a left turn. As you look ahead … you see a road. Pavement. Soon the ride gets so much easier.

The stream of inspiration, from your Heart and Soul, are actually ACTION items for your ego. If you were to STAY tuned IN to that infinite stream of inspiration coming from within you, your life would change direction. For myself, that is how I became an author. My ego would have NEVER chosen that path by itself. Yet my heart kept nudging me. Write a book. What? ME?!

Yet now, I feel such a deep sense of satisfaction to have actually honored that inspiration. It brings me joy over and over again. And my Heart has new directions for me to travel… IF I actually get started…

Where would your life change, if your Heart and Soul had more say in your everyday thoughts, feelings, choices and actions?

Don’t tell me … But Do tell YOU!

Pure Authentic YOU!

Love You!



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