Your Body Is Your Karmic Canvas

How DO You Feel?

Can you feel it? Feelings. How we feel.

This is the time. Right now. How do you feel right now? This ever-present Now is the only time you will feel anything. Including heaven or hell.

Our feelings are a real-time guidance system. How we feel has a message for us. On the shadow-side of life, our feelings can hold pain. All of the shadow emotions are a reflection of the shadow side of being human. Depression. Grief. Sorrow. Deceit. Betrayal. Shame. Guilt … You get the idea.

So-called “Negative” feelings are a sign we have disconnected with our truth. I say “so-called” because, as Rumi has said, “Both Light and Shadow … are the Dance of Love.” What … What?

Love cannot be the source of pain. All of those negative emotions can’t be from Love … Can they? Well, yes. They can.

When we label anything … as either “good” or “bad” we are creating a polarity of sorts. And polarity is the root of karma.

So imagine … Light. L-I-G-H-T. Divine Light. In the beginning … there was (only) Light. No duality yet. Source Consciousness. God/Goddess.

So imagine you open up a laptop and start up a paint program. A program that allows you to create images. By default, the background is white (light  ;- ) And now you want to create an image. You need to choose a color. You look at the color palette and damn it! All of the colors are all white too. Every choice is pure white too. You even try one. You choose light and go to draw … Nothing. White on white. You can’t see a difference. You need some contrast. You need some difference. In the crudest contrast, it would be black and white. Stark contrast. Blunt contrast. With even a grayscale, we haven’t even added any COLOR. Without some contrast, ANY contrast, there is no chance of creating anything.

Source consciousness needed a canvas of contrast (differences) with which to be able to express itself. It is the very nature of consciousness to express itself. In the beginning … God created … wait for it …. Karma! The canvas of creation. That moment when God went from just BEing, non-local or without form, and first created Duality. Perhaps the original sin. In that first moment of separation was the creation of the root of all duality. Yin and Yang. Masculine and Feminine. Light and Dark.

When we talk about the range of human emotions, we are talking about the “color palette” of creation. The range of feelings a human can have. On the top of the spectrum is Unconditional Love. And at the other end, is the darkest of the dark. The shadow side of humanity. This would be death. The denial of Life. This is where we find the most challenging aspects of our human potentials. The most brutal of our human possibilities. And OUR past, here on this planet, has been just that. The darkest of dark.

When we see the struggles of humanity, we are seeing perhaps the most advanced Soul around. It took vast spans of time to create so much darkness. So many lifetimes of going farther and farther into the shadow side of creation. Our Souls chose to do just that. Our Souls chose to create an episode of the darkest of darkness. So we could MASTER the shadow side of BEing human. To master ALL OF IT. If you are walking around on this planet at this time … You are a Soul taking a Master class in karma.

You feel it in your body whenever you feel pain. Do not be afraid. The pain is only a chapter of a much bigger story of who you really are. You cannot ever fail. Ever. As a timeless Soul, you always have another chance. Another moment to make a new choice. As crazy as it might sound … Celebrate all of it. If you are reading these words now, you are on your way OUT of the shadow. And your relationship with suffering is healing. You are on your way back to Heaven. Back to Source. The journey itself, the Journey of the Soul, is a timeless story being told all over this galaxy. And when you share your story of being incarnate in this lifetime, every soul listening will be amazed at your story.

Time to graduate? The return to (unconditional) Love. The White at the top of the color spectrum.

Love You!



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