Living From the Inside Out

Tapping a much higher wisdom within You now

So … if you walk into a kindergarten class and try to teach calculus … Well, never mind.

So … If you arrive on Earth and tell the humans they are infinite power incarnate … Well, of course we are.

We do not have a valid example of what is possible, as a human being, in our entire mythology. In other words, there has not been an accurate example of what is possible in this current chapter of our human story, as it relates to our true potential, demonstrated to us in any of our mythologies.

But what about Jesus? Master Buddha? And the other Masters that have walked the earth? Didn’t THEY kick some Divine ass?

Well … Did they end suffering? Did they stop wars on the planet? Did they end poverty? ??? Love has a huge potential to make a huge difference. But Love needs Big Dreamers that can see past the illusion of “reality.”

Did Jesus have a Twitter account? Or did the Buddha have a YouTube channel? Or what about global publishing? Not to mention the ability to make millions of copies of most any invention…

Do you get the gist of what is possible in THIS lifetime of ours? Can you dream THAT BIG? Love is looking for takers. Big Love is looking for Big Dreamers. If you use the external world as your measuring stick, you will (most) always come up short. The 3D world is NOT a very accurate demonstration of what is actually possible for a single human being.

The infinite potential of our human nature … never dims.

Love will show you what is possible based on your beliefs. The vibrational equivalent of “who you are” now.

So, if you walk into a kindergarten class and teach calculus … nothing happens. But … to raise the vibration of all those kindergarten kids … teach them the basics. Then throw in algebra. Trigonometry, pre-calculus, etc … Now, now their vibration is in the ballpark of calculus. Now teach them calculus and they can make the next step possible. They are energetically ready to receive the next concepts.

You are infinite potential incarnate. But so what? If you don’t raise your vibration … you might as well stay in consciousness kindergarten. Divine Love has BIG ideas. God/Goddess can feed you inspiration at ANY level conceivable. But it will not matter unless you are in the ballpark energetically. Purity is key. To erase the karmic imprinting of the past is to raise your own potential to operate at the next higher level of consciousness. Purity and authenticity are two key parameters to operate at higher and higher levels of consciousness. That is exactly why the tag line to New Human Living is Pure Authentic You!

Blessed are the pure in heart … for they shall see (know) God/Goddess.

Love … play it on me! ~ The Who

Love You!



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