The Polarity of Desire

What do You REALLY want?

There is a notion of faith that I really like. And that is the notion of … No thought contrary.

No thought contrary to what is desired. When we HAVE faith, we have a thought or desire that we want to manifest. And there is no other thought (energy) contrary to what we want. And the faith, no thought (energy) contrary, stipulates that it will happen. We have absolute faith that it will come to be.

The trick of this is the relationship between our conscious thoughts (energy) and our sub-conscious thoughts (energy). If, indeed, our thoughts are energy … and you take in the notion of the quantum field as being a mirror of our self … then IF our desire is the ONLY thought there is … the mirror would reflect just that. The only energy present.

The subconscious is where our karma is “stored.” What is our karma? It is the energy of our own consciousness from our past. Our own consciousness that we “pushed” into our own subconscious when we would not allow ourselves to feel what our emotions were telling us in the moment.

When we have thoughts, feelings and beliefs stored in our subconscious that are contrary to what our conscious mind wants … Nothing happens. Our subconscious energy (inner chi) is the vast majority of energy that we send to the quantum field. And without effort, the quantum field merely reflects our energy back to us as the “reality” that we experience.

When we have descended so far into the shadow, we have loaded up our subconscious. We have loaded up so many, many lifetimes of struggle, suffering and separation, that it is the most dominant energy within our personal energy persona. This is how a very powerful Divine persona, like you, can incarnate into human form and feel powerless. Where we try for years, or even decades, to chance our condition, and have little to no effect. How could a Divine BEing play out the archetype of a slave, unless they truly felt powerless? Yet the history of our human experience on this planet has countless stories of humans feeling powerless.

But now, as we better understand the mechanics of karma and faith, we CAN change our ability to create, by actually cleaning OUT our subconscious of any dormant energy we had stored there. As we cleanse our personal energy persona, we are moving towards true faith. No thought (energy) contrary. Where we have purified ourselves (again).

Do you want to be the creator of your human experience? Get clear about your desires. Observe and experience the polarity of karma. The polarity of all of the archetypes. These polarities define the spectrums of our human condition. Our Soul actually intentionally chooses on BOTH sides of any spectrum. At least at first. This is the part of growing ourselves that every human goes through. As a child, we make a million “bad” choices. Not really bad. But rather choices that are in conflict with what we would really prefer. We do this to hone our understanding of ourselves. That we may know what we actually prefer.

Do not beat yourself up if you find yourself having an unpleasant experience. It is there with a gift. A step towards clarity. As we hone our understanding of what we prefer, we are honing our own personal energy persona. We move closer to perfect faith. The Midas touch. The ability to create EXACTLY what we want, because there is no thought (energy) contrary within our own personal energy persona. Purity is King when it comes to being able to create our pure authentic desires.

When you observe something that you do not prefer, use that as a gift of clarity. Do not bash the shadow, no matter how dark it is. For if there is something you hate, then there is an energetic component within your personal energy persona reflecting the very thing you despise. Learn how to Love All that IS … AS it Is. Unconditional Love personified. God incarnate.

Love You!



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