It Is All For You

You have the best seat in the house

We can find ourselves looking for it. Looking for a better experience. Perhaps we see other people enjoying themselves. Or we read something that makes us long for a particular experience. Or perhaps we just want to feel better.

But you are it. You are sitting in the BEST seat in the house.

What you want to experience is totally possible. It is the journey through time that will bring it about. And when you “get there” it will be in the moment that you feel it. In the body that you are living in right now.

Indeed, everything that you will experience will be felt in the body you are in now. What will you feel today? What did you feel yesterday? To get more mindful of our present environment is to hone our ability to feel. And it can take some practice.

The Art of Tantra is partially based on the ability to feel. The wide variety of possible feelings. Do you have a favorite feeling? Perhaps hanging your arm out the car window on a cool evening drive? Or the first taste of coffee in the morning? What would silk feel like on your skin? What if it was moving very slowly. Or perhaps moving very fast across your skin? Tantra is a practice that can lead to the feeling of total rapture. And it is your feeling of it that is ecstatic.

There are many people walking around on this planet … that don’t feel a thing. They are numb. Perhaps being resigned to life. And most certainly life can be tough at times. But never fret. Do not be afraid. As a timeless Soul … you literally have an endless opportunity to create each and every feeling that you desire.

You can start today. This day. Your body is the canvas of your karma. Both good, and seemingly bad, karma. Your ability to feel joy is related to your ability to feel the sorrow too. Your Soul consciously chose this life-path of yours. It is when we grow ourselves and overcome our struggles that perhaps some of the most powerful feelings present themselves. The rapture of a Soul coming out of the shadow of karma is, perhaps, one of the most exquisite feelings possible.

Take the time to pay attention to your body. Take the time to pay attention to the feelings you prefer. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with what and how you feel.

God/Goddess created the universe to experience itself. All of creation is there for you to experience. You are the drop in the ocean … and you are the ocean too. There is no other way for consciousness to experience itself except through a persona. Exactly like your persona. All of creation is there … just for you. There is no other place that you will feel it. You are consciousness itself, experiencing itself. You are an example of the why it was all created. There is no better example of it personified in all of creation.

Pure Authentic YOU!

Love You



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