No Growth … No Glory

It is up to you

Time is moving on. Opportunities are coming and going every day. And the universe carries on.

There are no requirements. None really. We are given fierce free agency on this planet. Do, or don’t do, as you choose.

But … IF you so choose … there is nothing you can’t do. We all have the potential for an infinite stream of inspiration flowing into our consciousness. Our Heart and Soul always have more information for us … IF we choose to listen and take action on it.

There are plenty of people on Earth that are just getting by. Kind of like treading water. Not really going anywhere. And indeed life on Earth can be a struggle. But there are always new opportunities available. Always another opportunity to grow ourselves. And when we actually DO grow ourselves, we renew who we are. We literally create a new version of ourselves. And that makes all of our relationships grow as well.

Sometimes there can be a tendency to stop the pain. Oftentimes, our soul will choose a mate for us that is actually our shadow in many aspects. A shadow in the sense that they prefer the opposite of what we would choose. Behaviors that irritate us. We can choose … there is always a choice … to stay in the feelings of discomfort. Whether it is related to our relationship with our beloved, or the feeling of doing something that we have never done before.  We are actually bumping up against our own karma. As we go throughout our day, everything that gets us upset is a reflection of something within us that is not resolved.

This can seem like folly. But it is not. Everything? Really? What about human suffering? What about the living hell that people are experiencing on this planet at this time?

In truth, no consciousness is ever separate from Source Consciousness. The universe is not divided. There are not two sources of consciousness, but one. We all come from Divine, or Source, consciousness.

I have interviewed, and have been interviewed by, many spiritual leaders. And it soon becomes apparent where they all stand. Oftentimes, a spiritual teacher will hit a plateau. Kind of a comfort zone. Perhaps a place of rest. Kind of like an arena of thought that feels safe and secure. And indeed, everything is as we choose. But I suggest to you that we are in a new chapter of our human condition. We are in a new realm of “awakened” consciousness. And those who choose to grow themselves, by going even deeper into their relationship with the shadow side of humanity, those souls will become the brightest beacons of Light on this planet. Those will be the BEings of Light incarnate.

The powerful souls will have learned to Love, without condition … All that is … As it is.

Your soul has a vision for your life. A life-purpose of sorts. And the level in which you fulfill it, will determine your glory. You are the face of the Divine. When we talk about the glory of God, we are talking about the glory that is personified by a human/soul walking around on this planet. God will not claim glory by descending from Heaven and waving a magic wand. God claims glory through the expression of Love, unbridled Love, flowing in you, through you, as you.

Heal your relationship with humanity (if you so choose). Learn to see the many different ways we have chosen to express the fierce freedom we are given. As Gandhi said … (paraphrasing) … If you can not see God on the next face you see, no need to look any further. Learn to Love the shadow and the Light as potentials of the one source of consciousness expressing itself.  We are all timeless souls having a human experience. No soul dies. We are all safe. We are all from the One.

Love You




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