Sages, Mystics and Alchemists …
Oh My!

Who are You going to become?

Does Your wand work? Are You powerful? Can You own Your power? Is there someone else on the planet that deserves to own the power of their Divinity more than You? Does God/Goddess play favorites?

I am sorry (no, I am not 😉 if you think you can keep reading these blogs and yet still consider yourself a mere mortal. That you might still see yourself as a seeker of the truth. That you are not here for a Divine purpose. That there is immense Power in Your purpose.

At some point … You need to own it to honor it. You can’t poke at your Divinity with a stick, and think that you are honoring your life purpose. Sure … wait. And wait again … still waiting? Still waiting to own Your Divinity?

Your dreams are the dreams of God. Quite literally. God, with a big G, does not have a master plan laid out for humanity. Some kind of blueprint of what Heaven on Earth would look like. Yes, sure … God/Goddess will show you visions. You can pray to the Divine Goddess (Infinite potentials) … and she will whisper a vision of Your life in your ear … And chances are very good that you will cry at the beauty of it. But … can you believe it? Can you believe that it is God’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom of Heaven? Can you believe that Your dream IS God/Goddess’s dream for humanity? In You. Through You. As You?

God/Goddess does not have an intention for humanity that does not include humanity as its creator. In other words … We, as Divinity incarnate, are here for the Human experience. For the Human’s experience of Heaven. It will be flesh and bones that feels the fulfillment of the dreams of our ancestors. It will happen when humans can own these truths. To own our Divinity. To own our role as the embodiers of Unconditional Love.

There is nobody else more important than You. There is no other personification with a more intentional incarnation. You are the thing itself. Divinity incarnate. Your dreams ARE the Divine dreaming. Claim your power. Claim your purpose. Manifest Your vision of whatever Heaven would look like … for You. And expect it to happen. For there is no other way it is intended to manifest. You are that powerful.

Awaken the inner sage … the inner mystic … the inner alchemist! Now is the time!

Love You!




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