In the Flow …

Creation comes from the inside … OUT!

So, chances are pretty good that you will eventually walk up and down stairs yet again. Not giving it a second thought. Pretty simple … right? Well there was a time that just to walk was a challenge. That gravity had you crawling around.

So, chances are that you can create whatever you want. Yet there was a time, perhaps, that you watched the world around you and pretty much ignored the inspiration coming from within you.

“Cell phone dis-ease” is a condition where our egos consume our consciousness. Pretty much ALL of it. Or perhaps … social media. Same symptoms. Same effect. Ego overdose.

Yet your heart and soul have a vision for your life. Well, actually they have multiple tiers of visions … IF you actually show up to fulfill them.

Our heart and soul dangle dreams in front of our egos. Like a carrot, enticing us to take the next step(s). And that metaphorical carrot is a stepping stone. The dreams your heart and soul are showing you now for your future … are just the beginning first steps … trying to teach you to trust. To get you to trust your ability to create. To manifest. The creator incarnate.

Creation is an inside job. Well, at first it is. It starts within you. The infinite potentials (feminine) of what your life could be … exist as energies within your own consciousness. And the ones you actually choose, are the ones that come into form (masculine). There is the field of miracles that follows you around in this moment. Yes, you are living in the infinite potentials of miracles.

Ding Dong … Jesus drops by for a visit. Jesus, standing next to you, performs miracle after miracle, right next to where you are standing. Demonstrating the infinite potentials right before you now. The universe doesn’t change … we do. Or we do not. To tap the power of who you really are … is the process of change itself.

What to do … Hmmm. The universe is moving forward … with or without your evolution.

If you want to get a glimpse of your Divine potentials … (unless you are performing miracle after miracle right now ;- ) … if you want to see the higher potentials of what is possible for your life, you will need to discipline your ego. If your ego continues to harvest every waking moment of your consciousness … well then … expect more of the same. To create space within our everyday consciousness is to create room for a higher wisdom to show up for you. That wisdom is an endless stream of inspiration. That comes from with-IN you now. That is the portal to your power.

The ego was never designed to “run” your life. Your ego sees only the past … showing up in the present. Your ego is often very much vested in choosing the safe choices. Your ego wants to feel like it is always in control. The folly of that is control itself. An ego controlling consciousness will never tap the infinite field of possibilities in THIS moment. Whereas your heart and soul can “see” infinite potentials, and thus allow you to choose from them the ones that will move you more into your own Divine power.

We are returning to our truth. We are restoring the memory of who we really are. Divinity incarnate. The entire ocean contained in the drop. Infinite potential personified.

But not if we are living only in our heads.

The wisdom of the heart … is the NEW brain …

Love You!



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