Healing self. Creating Self.

Living an intentional life.

Are you bi-polar? Are there two of You?

Often when I write (and I do write often) I type the word self in two different ways.

self and Self.

self: Your ego. The “little” you. The ego that you have created.
Self: Your Soul. The Divine consciousness within you now. The “BIG” You.

On this planet, at this time, there is a prime objective of sorts. And that is to heal ourselves. Indeed. Yes. Let’s do just that.

To heal ourselves is perhaps the most important thing there is for billions of people. In this context, when I say heal, I mean “to become enlightened.” To heal our karma. To end our personal suffering. And certainly this can directly relate to our bodies as well. The dis-ease of our body is a reflection of the dis-ease within our own consciousness. I think it was the Buddha that said … “All dis-ease is a product of the mind.”

To heal our self (ego) is to bring our ego into alignment with our Self (Soul). There are many that say the ego needs to be eradicated in order for us to become enlightened. I am not one of those folks. An enlightened ego is what “gets it done.” An enlightened ego sits still in the field of unconditional Love at the core our our BEing. The enlightened ego awaits the next moment of IN-spiration. And the moment the inspiration shows up, it becomes an action item for the ego to fulfill.

Fast forward … through the “nows”…

Healed. Aligned. Whole. Enlightened. No-thought (my favorite form of meditation). No thought contrary to the vision of your Soul. Karmically clean. Pure. Pure in heart. Blessed are the pure of heart … for they shall see (know) God. For they shall know their own Divinity.

Once we are no longer bi-polar, when we have resolved the energies of our subconscious, the universe is our oyster. The quantum mirror will reflect (create) anything we desire. But until we are pure energetically, we will have a karmic residue in our reflection. That is why the tag line of New Human Living is … Pure Authentic You.

It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven within you now. A Citizen King, living in the Heaven within you now. Living the life that you love. Living in your life as unconditional Love embodied. Personified.

For you are the thing itself. The creator incarnate.

Love You! (both of you until there is only the One ;- )



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