Let Your Ego
Go …

Where are You coming from?

There are several schools of thought as it relates to our egos, and the path of awakening. Some say to extinguish the ego. To dissolve it into nothingness. To be rid of our egos.

And then there are others that say the ego has a role. That it is a part of the whole.

Certainly the ego can “take charge” of your consciousness. ALL of it.

A constant stream of die-alogue

Die in the sense of a shutdown of sorts. When the ego consumes every waking moment, there is a death. An end. Or perhaps not even a beginning. Our egos can dominate our consciousness. Leaving no room for our heart and soul to inspire us. There are those that don’t have any input. They don’t create any chance or opportunity for the IN-spiration of their heart and soul to show up as ACTION(s) in their everyday life.

So then, how often do YOU think that your heart and soul have viable opportunities to inspire and guide you throughout your days, weeks and months? What happens when that inspiration does show up? Unless you have trained your ego, it might not be very often.

I like the metaphor of … a spinning ceiling fan and socks. Imagine a ceiling fan, spinning away, and then tossing a sock towards it. Watching as it is batted aside. Over and over. All day long.

IT normally happens when your mind is busy doing something else. Distracted really. Maybe you are unloading the groceries from the car. Or, perhaps, you are doing the dishes. And a thought shows up … “Write a book”… And then it happens… Your ego grabs the thought, from your heart, and pulls it up into your head. Write a BOOK? Are you kidding me? Nobody wants to read anything I would have to write! I don’t know anything about grammar. Hell, I put commas in paragraphs like a redneck puts salt on a steak.

So, the proverbial sock is batted away. The inspiration, from the moment, has no chance at all. The IN-spiration of the moment is batted away. Not given another thought. No chance for it to ACTUALLY be fulfilled. In this scenario, the ego is the culprit. Yes, indeed, if this scenario isn’t resolved … chances are very good that the human being will drift through life. Where there is no chance of inspiration to actually change the direction through which a life progresses.

And now the flip side of the ego.

Geepers … I always feel great when I can capture, and then fulfill, the inspiration that my heart and soul has for me. I WANT to be still and listen… I want to be mindful of where my thoughts are coming from. Because I LOVE it when I get IN-spiration as to the next best steps I can take in this moment. In THIS day. In this scenario, the heart and soul can influence and guide the path through life. Where there are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of moments when the heart and soul can guide the ego throughout a single day. This is the place where the raw POWER of the heart and soul can guide you. Where you ARE on course for your life purpose to be fulfilled in a very powerful way. A courageous heart and a passionate soul … personified by an awakened ego.

It can take some effort TO grow a powerful ego. Powerful in the sense that it has surrendered. Surrendered to trust. To trust the inspiration. To trust it to the point that the ego realizes that it does not have to vet or rationalize the inspiration. That the heart and soul have a wisdom that is far beyond the ego’s ability to comprehend. The is the New Human personified. New Humans … Living. Pure Authentic YOU!

Love You!



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