It is Who You become …

The journey changes YOU!

It is through our growth that we are given an opportunity to evolve our consciousness. To evolve your own consciousness is, perhaps, the most satisfying thing to do. Sometimes we can look at struggles in our life like some kind of punishment. Like some unfair weight put on our shoulders.

Indeed, on this planet, there are plenty of people who find their life to be very difficult. Many find it to be too much. Checking out of life before their intended time is up. Surrendering their own life because of the struggles and challenges in their own life.

For myself, I have found myself curled up in a ball, alone, on the kitchen floor. With so much pain in my life. So much pain and heartache. There have been moments in my life where a hot metal spear, thrust into my chest, would actually feel better than the pain I have felt in my own heart.

It couldn’t be any other way. Wait … what? Certainly it doesn’t have to be this way … does it? Does humanity have to suffer? Well, yes and no. We could have chosen an easier path. We could have chosen a less challenging experience. As a collective of Souls, we could have settled for less. But then we would have settled for less … all the way around.

IF you are reading this … you chose, or rather, your soul chose, to take on perhaps the most advanced class in karma that exists in our entire galaxy. Indeed, Earth is a very special place. A place where old souls come to experience life. To experience the total spectrum of karma. On this planet, at this time, there is a story unfolding. An epic story really. And you chose to be part of it.

I have talked about power before. Many times actually. Written books about it. Blogged about it. And held many podcasts talking about the immense power of our human consciousness.

This lifetime of yours … this one right now … is perhaps the most powerful lifetime you will experience in the many incarnations that you fulfill. The key element, when we talk about power, is the difference. The difference in potentials. The difference in consciousness itself. And on this planet, we have the broadest differences in human consciousness that have existed in perhaps a very, very long time. Very dark karma being played out, and also the re-enlightenment of thousands of new sages, mystics and alchemists. People just like you. The difference of karmic tendencies playing out on this planet at this time is exceptional. And what does that really look like?

Human beings that have totally disconnected from their own truth. Totally lost in the darkness of karma. So separated from source, from their own truth, that they feel helpless and powerless to the circumstances of their own life. And that is the struggle. That is the challenge. To start from a place of total darkness, and still find your way back to your truth … is perhaps the greatest story to be told. Ever. Only the most brave and courageous souls would even consider a challenge such as that. You did. You chose just that. And here you are.

I honor you. I honor your life path. Your journey. Your struggles and your triumphs. Wow, how power-full you are … just to be here now.

Love You. I Do.



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