Walk This Way

What is the “right” way to live?

Where are you going? What do you intend to experience in the future? Who do you want to be?

We are all on a journey … of sorts. I find it quite curious, this notion of ourselves. Who am I? Who are You? As we progress through our lives, we have so many opportunities to change. Some of us are living quite intentional lives. With a clear sense of direction. And others are seeking a firm path to walk on. A clearer sense of who they really are.

Nobody had an ego the day they were born. In a sense … there was nobody home. And then we grew an ego. We grew a sense of self. And if we all took a moment and wrote down how we viewed life, we would have many very different views of what life is. Even though we are all living on the same planet. So what gives? How DO we measure ourselves? How do we quantify whether we are doing it “right?”

What is normal? What does it mean to … be normal? Normal, by its very nature, means more of the same. Normal is not the place to look for growth. Normal will not create NEW outcomes. New possibilities.

Oftentimes, religions are telling us how to live. How to be righteous. As if there is some single template that is the pathway to our own salvation. And certainly, if we were brought up in a religious household, like I was, there is a notion that if we deviate from “the path,” that we will most certainly fall from grace. Fall off the path to our eternal salvation … risking our very soul.

But I suggest there is a very powerful paradigm for you. To leave the common path. To stray away from normal. To become the rogue mystic. The face of change itself. Yet change, for change sake, isn’t really that valuable. The change I am talking about is to shift where you are living your life from. To change the consciousness that is driving your everyday life.

So many of us live totally in our egos. Where, pretty much, every single thought we have throughout our day … is more of the same. Where our egos are consuming all of our consciousness. Where our behavior would be described as … normal (for us) … by our friends and peers.

To transform your life is to live your life from a higher consciousness. Where we progress out of our egos and move our moment-to-moment consciousness into our hearts. Where we shift the thoughts we are aware of, from our heads and into our hearts. An epic journey for sure. I suggest to you that it can take a long time to purify your heart and raise your consciousness.

Your soul has a vision for your life. A vision that most certainly has you evolving. Evolving who you are as you progress through your life. A constant and ever-unfolding sense of self. Where you are expanding your consciousness, every single day. This is the road to fulfilling your dreams.

For example, my heart started telling me to write books. ME? This small-town kid from Utah? Who the hell would want to hear what I have to say? “Normal” authors come from a grammatically inclined background. People who have wise things to say have enrolled in an academic life. The really wise ones have letters after their names. Who am I to break that mold?

Humanity is hungry for a new story. A new paradigm. A new idea of what our future could look like. And your soul saw all of this coming. Your soul knew this powerful dynamic would be part of YOUR life path. And your life purpose has a powerful opportunity to be the face of change for humanity. For you to show up in a more authentic way. With a more authentic truth to share.

Take the time to tune IN to the wisdom of your heart and soul. Have the courage to break out of the “normal” way of living. Don’t be afraid to take the first steps in a new direction … when your heart and soul tell you to … walk THIS way…

Love You!




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