Our Family of Origin

Where DID we come from?

Since none of us existed, well, at least as fully “developed egos” the day we were born … where DID we come from? Where did this “you” reading this … come from?

Our family of origin, whatever that dynamic might have looked like, created us. Well, not literally, but yes, quite literally.

What I mean is that when we were just babies, we were started on an indoctrination program. It started pretty simple. Learning our first words. Experiencing annual celebrations. Birthdays, religious holidays, national holidays. And the real clincher is that was we were taught the values of each and every symbol, event and belief. And those who taught us, were indeed taught by their families of origin too.

Like a baton passed along in a relay race, we have this temporal lineage of sorts. And certainly this lifetime has its own mythology with which we were all individually “programmed.”

But not too fast here. Who were you before? Who were you in the last lifetime? The one before this one? This is where it can get a bit scattered. If you have done a past-life regression, or perhaps even several of them … they will show you lives that you have lived out … all over the planet. Each with their own mythology. Unique and different. Yet, here “you” are. Who is this “you” that is behind each one of these lifetimes?

Enter your life purpose. This time around, I mean this lifetime right here, right now. This one, I suggest, is different. Actually, quite different.

At this time, on this planet, the physics of conscious evolution are becoming well-documented. The pathway(s) to enlightenment are becoming well-documented. Actually, the probability that you will become enlightened in this lifetime (if you haven’t already) is much higher than even the last lifetime you lived. The information pointing to the path(s) to enlightenment is available in pretty much every type of media possible. I will soon be releasing a fast-acting placebo for enlightenment. ;- )

So then, NOW what? Perhaps in the past lives, the process of becoming enlightened was perhaps the pinnacle of intention. So now, what would be the pinnacle intention of many, many enlightened Souls?

To master the art of living? To master the relationship between our own consciousness and the reality we live in? Jesus pulled off miracles. And told us we would have our turn to do just that. Miracles will be not so special at some point. And then there is compassion. Compassion for humanity. All of humanity.

Now, in the dynamic of your family of origin, there might be the clues that you are looking for. If you want to see the value of where you came from in this lifetime … take a look at the various paradigms of your family of origin. Either through struggle, such as having a challenging household, or perhaps you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth. Either way, who YOU became is the gift. Regardless of the actual story, it is YOU. You are the portal of your Soul in this lifetime. And it will be your own unique life purpose that will be the gift you share with humanity. In your own unique way.

For myself, I grew up in a household where GOD was by far the most important symbol to learn. An omni-powerful deity that will decide the fate of me and all of my family. That I might, just might, make it to heaven with my family. But no promises.

And now I write thousands upon hundreds of thousands of words about the nature of God. The God in You. The God AS You.

Take the time to figure out your own life purpose. It has no template to follow. Each one unique. Each one special in its own way. It will be the path that gets you the most excited. Giving you a deep sense of fulfillment. Pure Authentic You!

Love You!



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