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The gift of family gatherings…

Ding dong … and it begins. Time with our families can be such a joy for some of us, and for others, it can be such a burden. Each family dynamic is different in its own ways. Just like our family traditions.

Perhaps you have had an opportunity to visit the family of a friend … and perhaps then you notice a change in your friend’s demeanor … as if when walking into their home, they become someone different.

Our family of origin is a great place to do some soul-searching about ourselves. There are a few reasons behind this. One reason would be the idea that our soul consciously chose our specific family in which to incarnate. Our soul chose the specific family dynamic for the opportunities it would present in order to set us up to learn specific karmic lessons. Karmic lessons that set us up for learning core karmic lessons about just what it means to be a human being here on Earth.

Another reason is our egos. Our family of origin is the proverbial garden in which we grow our egos. Our family is where we are “born.” Where the first signs of a budding ego start to show up. In the sense that our family teaches us how to think. Actually, open-minded thinking, or kind of a, “Here, imprint these rigid belief systems into your thinking.” Where we are told how the world is, and then we will not need to question any of it. This is a very powerful core aspect of ourselves. How we think. Wow. Talk abut core aspects.

Fast forward a few decades… These core imprints start rubbing up against the vast diversity of a few billion variations on the same theme. Core belief systems. Core values of a much bigger swath of humanity.

Just to use one example… Relationships. The spouse/lover/partner type. When two people come together, they each bring their own core beliefs and core values. Both egos involved are Source Consciousness. And what I mean by that  … is that Source Consciousness can embody ANY belief system and hold ANY set of values. Source Consciousness can embody anything really. We are the creator incarnate.

The gift behind looking at our personal family dynamic is to see the particulars of our actual beliefs and values that we are imprinted with. By spending some time evaluating our own imprinting, we can get a clearer idea of just what our soul had in mind for us. We can get a clearer picture of what karmic tendencies we were intended to learn in this lifetime.

Sometimes we were imprinted with our karmic tendencies in order to learn them, and then to transcend them. And sometimes we learned our karmic imprinting in order to fully embody it. Such as families that are anchored in compassion and service to humanity. There are no rules to it all. No rules whatsoever. You are free to glean from it … what you will.

Perhaps, take a step back and look at your family’s karmic propensities. And weight them to see how you feel about them … that you may take a more conscious approach to how you move forward in your life.

Love You




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