Unraveling Our Past

To re-unite with our Soul

It does actually take conscious effort. Left unchecked, the ego will chase shadows until the end of time. It was, at least for a substantial part, our egos that loaded up our subconscious in the first place.

You are infinite potential, in human form. But, so what? If you don’t do anything to e-x-p-a-n-d your sense of self, then, perhaps, you are just your ego looking for fulfillment in the reflection of the quantum mirror. In other words, looking for a deeper understanding of yourself, by chasing people, circumstances and a sense of validation from those external factors of your everyday life.

The “world” you see outside of you, is a reflection of what is inside of you. Everything that pisses you off, is a reflection of unresolved parts of yourself on the inside of you that you have not resolved. Everything. Everything outside of you that causes a re-action, is a reflection of unresolved karmic imprinting inside of you.

But wait… what about the terrible things that are happening in our world? What about the atrocities that fill the headlines? Aren’t we supposed to be offended?

If you want to be … go ahead. You do have free will.

But if you take a BIG step back … maybe even another BIG step back … and look at what is going on … you just might smile.

In truth, if you are walking around on this planet, and most certainly if you are reading this blog about the infinite power of our Divine potentials, then maybe, just maybe, you are an old soul that chose to come to Earth during perhaps the most powerful chapter of the transformation of our human condition. This is not the place of the weak or the unsure.

If your soul chose to incarnate now, and obviously it did, then YOU are the reason. You are the opportunity to see past the suffering and the heartache. I suggest, you are living in perhaps the most advanced class on loving in perhaps the entire universe. Reporters from all over the galaxy would want to interview YOU!

Earth? Really?

What was it like? How did you do it? How did you find the truth of yourself while living in a sea of deception? How did you filter the truth through the tempest the fear? How did you learn to Love the experience?

Everything in your past, that you have not resolved, is the remaining pasts of the lessons … in this most advanced class in embodying Love in the tsunami of illusion.

You are the thing itself. You are literally Divinity incarnate. You are literally Source Consciousness embodied. With a karmic past. It does take conscious effort to change your perception of yourself. To re-embody Love on a broader scale.

No karmic law has ever been broken. Everything in humanity’s past was put there to create this experience. To create this classroom. To create the most challenging environment to rediscover unconditional Love … for all that is … just as it is … right now. That is how powerful of a class your soul signed you up for. Own it. Live it. Love it!

Love You



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