Growing Your Sense of Self

Creating what you really want

You are sitting in the best seat in the house … so to speak. But indeed, your life, right now, IS the time to enjoy the process of life itself. The only time you can feel anything … is right now.

So, what DO you want to feel? Safe? Loved? Happy? Enlightened? Abundant?

When we talk about our human experience, especially on this planet, there are two distinct arenas of living. Healing ourselves, and fulfilling ourselves. Kind of like a teeter-totter.

Humanity, as a whole, is coming out of the dark ages. Karmically speaking, there is a huge swath of humanity that just wants life to be easier. To be able to feel better. The healing side of humanity. It isn’t like there is no joy in life until you completely heal. There can be joy and happiness all along the way. But when a karmic event comes into our life, we can drop into a repeating cycle of karmic heartache. Maybe we bump up against divorce again. Or we are butting heads with yet another boss. Or perhaps another fiscal hardship shows up yet again.

The repetitive patterning of karma is quite pronounced in many people’s lives.

But then, there is the other side of karma. And that is the Midas touch. That place within ourselves when we have discovered who we really are. Where we have been able to move our attention from the world outside of us, and place it on the inspiration that comes from within us. There is a timeless pattern of creation itself. A yin to yang type of cycle. Where we are hit with inspiration. Perhaps we have prayed for a change. For an end of a karmic cycle that has been prominent in our life. Where our higher consciousness feeds us an answer to our prayers.

… You know, you could forgive yourself. You have been blaming yourself for something that ended decades ago. Or, perhaps, that boss that gets under your skin, is reflecting your own low self-esteem back to you. IF you want a new experience, learn to love yourself more.

These types of aha moments are the doorway to NEW experiences.

As we learn to listen to our inner inspiration sooner in the karmic cycling, we can break out of the patterning of our past much quicker. It is like developing a new reflex. When we can catch ourselves dropping into a reactive cycle yet again, and ask our higher self, wait … what ELSE is possible now?

The more experience we get at breaking the karmic patterning of the past, the more our egos can actually start to see the conscious process of creation itself. Where we start to recognize how we have created new outcomes to old patterns of karmic cycling. AS our ego watches the process of creating new outcomes, we start to trust that indeed we can create new outcomes. That trust is priceless. It is the destination of holding hope.

You can create what you want.

So then, the next step is to get clear about what you actually do want. The shadow side of consciousness is there for a reason. All forms of creation have a polarity to it. In other words, there is a spectrum behind all choices. I want to be safe. I want to be bold. Both of those are on opposite sides of the same spectrum. Which one do you want? You can choose both too. To have a period where you play it safe. And then seasons of your life where you act in a bold fashion.The trick is to tune IN to your soul and let it decide.

Perhaps my ego would have never chosen to write books. I mean, who the hell would want to read what I have to write? A small-town kid from Utah? I think my ego would have always chosen … hell no!

But, thank God, my ego was able to listen to my soul. To listen, and then take new actions. To listen, and then to honor the IN-spiration with actions. And now my ego feels wonderful. Because I have written. I have honored the higher consciousness within me with action. And NOW my ego WANTS to follow my soul’s directives. My ego knows how cool it feels to actually live my life guided from within. No longer stuck in karmic patterning. At least not in a dominant way. Where the vast majority of my life choices were the same patterning from my past. It did take me a while to get here. But this here that I have found, I consider priceless.

What IN-spiration does your soul have for YOU? Do that!

Love You!




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