The Many Flavors of Heaven

You are here to BE you

So what will heaven look like? What are the dreams of our ancestors? Where are we going as a human race?

In the same way that God, with a big G, will not descend from the heavens and directly change humanity … God, with a big G, will not be the one experiencing heaven. You will.

Of course, we could say, that God with a big G, IS heaven. O.K. Sure…

But if we were to embody the Divine, to the point of (re)turning ourselves into pure Light, there would be no “me.”

There was a moment in my life, where my Soul took me to “heaven.” It was a very profound experience. Very hard to describe in words. But the gist of it was going to that place within us, where our Divinity is present.

So imagine taking all the bright lights of a football stadium, and moving them down to the center of the playing field. Intense and bright white Light. Now, imagine going to the center of all that Light. It was kind of like that.

There was no-thing there. No time. No space. No direction(s). No duality of any kind. Just pure consciousness. And another thing that was missing, was a context by which to understand it.

In the beginning… was the Light. L-I-G-H-T!

It has been said that the infinite potential of Source Consciousness created us, so that it could have a context in which to know itself. And then there was you.

You are a personification of that very same Light. And the life paths you have taken, as your Soul has incarnated over the many lifetimes you have lived… have created a unique perspective. Indeed, no other consciousness, anywhere in all of creation, can experience life like you can. And that is no mistake. You are unique, in that your struggles, and thus your desires, are like no other.

To have your dreams and desires fulfilled is a Divine intention. In the beginning, when the Divine Feminine conjured up the vision of what might be… and handed it over to the Divine Masculine to bring into form … it is exactly the same process happening in you. God, with a big G, does not have a specific desire for what humanity “should” be. But rather, it surrenders that desire over to you. Your desires are the desires of the Divine. The Divine, God with a big G, desires through the individual.

When we think of the dreams of our ancestors, to return peace on earth … and goodwill for all that is … that dream will only come through humans desiring it. It will not be forced on us. But rather, it will be chosen by us.

To take the time to get clear about what heaven would look like to you, is to move closer to fulfilling it. To let go of what the external world looks like, and create from scratch, a new vision for humanity, is to be the seed of Heaven returning to Earth. You can be that seed. It will have to come through some human. Some where. So why not you? Do you deserve to experience heaven? What would heaven feel like? Humanity is yearning for a more authentic idea of what our future could be. Dream your best dream. For you hold the seed of heaven within you. Manifesting from the inside out.

Heaven is experienced when unconditional Love is embodied.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,



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