What Do You Expect?

What do you expect to happen in your life?

When you wake up in the morning … what do you expect … To happen? To change? To have meaning?

If I were to ask you … are you going to fulfill the vision of your soul in this lifetime … would you have an answer? Would it have been something that was already on your mind recently?

For many of us, one day is very much like the day before. Where our ego starts up with its morning rituals. A habitual pattern of sorts.

Where are your days taking you? If you were to take a big step back, and review your life over … say six months or so … are you advancing your life-purpose? Are you taking actions toward bringing your life-purpose into creation?

There are no requirements. You do not HAVE to do anything. Not really.

But, I suggest, your ego would feel better and better if you had some part of your daily life that did move you toward fulfilling you life-purpose.

I created a radio show. New Human Living radio. Actually, I have had several radio shows over the years. Last night was the first episode of 2019. As I reflected on the hundreds of guests I have interviewed about the topic of the power of our human consciousness, I realized how much I had changed. How much I had grown. How, in talking to so many experts in the field of human potential, my own sense of potential expanded as well. And I LOVE how that makes me feel.

When we actually honor our life-purpose, our own heart and soul feel satisfied. A feeling that just isn’t there if we do not ever take actions on our dreams.

Take some time and reflect on your life-purpose. Are you showing up for yourself? Is your ego in dialogue with your heart and soul on a daily basis?

To feel satisfied on a mental (ego, spirit, soul) and passionate (heart) level at the end of a single day, can be one of the most rewarding feelings to feel at the end of a day.

What do you expect to happen in this life of yours?

Love You!




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