Open Up to Your Awakening

Your Soul could be more involved in your daily life

We have all made a migration of sorts. We have all moved off in the same direction. And it is time for us to go back.

Where did we go? And where are we going back to? Good questions.

There is a process that has happened to us all. At least to the vast majority of human beings living on this Earth. This process could be thought of as the journey into the darkness. A journey into the shadow. It starts of with our own karmic imprinting. We start to take on karma. It can happen in a variety of ways. But let’s take a look at some obvious ways.

As Souls, who have incarnated hundreds and perhaps even thousands of times on this plant, we have lived through some of the darkest chapters of humanity. Chapters that have been filled with war, slavery, plagues and such. And as we have done this, we have loaded up our subconscious with many deep scars on our own psyche. And what that does, is block our chakras. It shuts down our own intuitive connection with our environment. It has numbed us from our own Divine connection.

And then that is when the journey started. We moved the seat of our consciousness out of our hearts, and into our heads. The journey of where we were living our moment-to-moment human experience moved up into our egos.

The vast majority of humanity has completely lost their connection with their own intuition. With their own wisdom of their Soul. We used to be very much connected with our Soul. Where our moment-to-moment consciousness was driven by the wisdom of our Soul. Our Soul knows so much more than our egos ever could. Our Soul has a vision for our life, that has been there from the beginning. And when our Soul is connected to our moment-to-moment experiences, our Soul can guide us along the path to fulfilling our life-purpose.

There would be a great Joy felt by our egos… If we were to make the return to living by the wisdom of our Souls, our egos would no longer have to figure it all out. Something our egos can’t really do very well. Cut off from the higher wisdom within us. Our egos make plans based on our past. Making “safe” choices that will keep it safe. A sort of temporal prison. In the sense that the decisions are all based on what has worked for us in the past.

To make the journey back home, is to reconnect with the wisdom of our Soul. This is where our pineal gland comes in. Our pineal gland is the portal of our Soul. It is an organ that can actually grow in size if we were to re-connect with it. Just like our muscles, if we don’t use our pineal gland, it goes dormant on us. To reconnect with our own Soul is to correct the direction of our life. For our ego cannot really make all of our best daily choices without the wisdom of our Soul.

Keep an eye out for pineal gland information. How to cleanse it and how to re-connect with it.

Part of the re-awakening process of humanity is to reconnect with the wisdom of our Souls. Soul-Level Living!

Pure Authentic YOU!

Love You



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