Living Your Passion

Opening the floodgates of your Soul’s expressions

In the beginning … Divine Mother and Divine Father were having an inspired moment…

What if …

… and in that first intention, the universe was created.

OK. That might be the short story of creation. But the point is … our inspiration is the seeds of all new things. INspiration is the portal of our own Soul. It isn’t a common everyday thing to be totally tuned IN to the constant stream of inspiration from our own Soul.

Those people who are tuned in seem charismatic and vibrant to others. There is an excitement around them. A walking creation-machine in motion.

I would suggest, one of the key factors in making these vibrant souls so electric, is the nature of their ego. For so many of us, our ego really runs the show. In other words, so many human beings on this planet spend most, if not all, of their thoughts upstairs. Up in their brains. A constant monologue. A repetitive pattern, really. Where the thoughts of one day virtually match the thoughts of the previous day. A karmic momentum of sorts. For so many of us, the ego wants to be in control.

This tendency to keep a momentum to our day-in and day-out thoughts, feelings and beliefs is what also keeps us stuck collectively too.

The salvation of our human condition will not come from our egos.

The heart has neurons too. There is a wisdom within our hearts. To combine this with the vision that our soul has for our lives, is the one-two punch of a passionate Soul. To teach the ego how totally cool it feels to honor the inspiration of our heart and soul, is to start creating your own charisma. Your own pizzazz.

To immerse yourself in the stream of inspiration, and actually flow through your day, is the doorway to living a fulfilled life. An exceptional life.

Do you know the vision your Soul has in mind for your life? Are you on track to actually fulfilling it?

Go with the flow…

Love You!



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