We are living in most exceptional times

So what is it going to BE? What will actually happen in your life? We are in the most powerful chapter of change for our human condition.

A call is going out. A call to every budding mystic, sage and alchemist … the New Humans that will step up and bring the vision into form. A vision that will seed the potential of our future. How wonder-full can you imagine? How vivid are your dreams of our future? Can you envision Heaven? That place that our ancestors dreamt of? That utopia that has been held in the hearts of humanity for eons of time? It is done unto you as you believe. So what DO you believe is possible?

To daydream is to leave the current trajectory, and literally pluck, out of the infinite potentials, a new direction. A new beginning. The curious thing about the massive changes that are happening in humanity, is just how deep the changes will take place.

The monolithic institutions of our past are not rooted in the truth. Not the BIG truth. The days of a few ruling over the masses … are over. This means that the very fabric of our culture is up for re-definition. The very core of who we are is definitely shifting. And you are here now.

All change within our human mythology will first arrive in the consciousness of a human being. Human beings are the vehicles of change. You are that vehicle too. You can have inspirations that can seed the potentials of our future. Millions, if not billions, of people WILL embody a new direction. A new vision of what might be.

How good can you imagine life on Earth? How wonder-full can you imagine a culture? The future belongs to the dreamers. The powerful people are those that can fully let go of the past. And can believe in a totally new paradigm.

Your Soul is there to help you. And you also have an entourage of angels, and guides … and then there is God/Goddess Consciousness itself. They are all there to help you … if you ask. The free-will law of existence requires you to ask. They will not come uninvited. That’s what makes you so powerful.

You are the flesh and bones. Your body is a ticket of sorts. A permission-slip. For it is only through the human being that all new possibilities are anchored into form. But it does require a human being to want it. To will it. Into form itself. The timeless process of creation itself. That’s how important you are. That is how powerful you can be.

These are the days. Consciously create your own vision of Heaven on Earth, and bring IT into form. Believe in yourself to make it happen. Your beliefs will decide how wonderful Heaven can be  when brought into our human experience. Planting the new seeds for humanity.

Pure Authentic You!

Love You!



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