I Am … This. I Am … That.
It is done unto you as You believe.

We all do it. We all have described our lives to others with such statements of … I Am.

I am happy. I am sad. I am rich. I am broke. I am mad. I am glad…

When it comes to the unraveling of our past, it would serve us well to watch our language. Very carefully. We can think that who is talking, with this internal dialogue, is our ego. But it is … and it isn’t … just our egos talking.

We have talked about the holographic nature of consciousness. We have talked about past-life regression. And the notion of talking with the future. All of it. All of what we talk about is Divine consciousness itself. Every point of presence, is Divine consciousness expressing. It is actually God/Goddess talking. There is no other consciousness “out there.”

When you state something … I AM _________ … you are the creator talking. You are declaring reality. I get that it might not feel that way. But, in truth, we have all accumulated so much karma that we have created a karmic momentum of sorts. It can seem as if we are stuck. It can seem as if we ACTUALLY ARE broke, lonely, stuck, afraid and such.

So many of us have said the same affirmations for perhaps years or even decades. Trying to change our condition. But that is the nature of karma. And more specifically, that is the nature of karma within old Souls that have incarnated hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes. Creating karmic freight trains of karmic momentum. Creating so much karmic momentum that our everyday thoughts seeeeeeem to have no impact.

But every single sentence that you think or say, IS God expressing. You are the creator incarnate. The Father and I are One … Now.

The key to shifting your karmic momentum is your own energy. Inner Chi. Your karma is made of your own consciousness from your past. Karma is consciousness itself. And what would you clean up consciousness with? Window cleaner? Bleach? Dynamite? lol

The cleanser of consciousness IS consciousness itself. You are the dirt and the cleaner. The proverbial dirt is your karma from the past. It is your own consciousness of your past that has been pushed into your own subconsciousness. Creating your own unique collage of karmic energies within you now. This is why meditation is so powerful. Meditation is the process of becoming more aware of your own language. It can bring your subconscious dialogue into a more conscious awareness.

To become more and more conscious of the language that you say to yourself is the start of something new. I AM ______ . To start a sentence with “I Am…” is to state an intention of creation, either from a place of conscious creation or from a habitual subconscious habit. Your word(s) is your wand. It is how you create. Our thoughts are how we create whatever we are experiencing. Choose the good words. Love, joy, happiness, peace, opulence, prosperity, forgiveness, compassion.

Which way are you going? Look at your language. What are you choosing? Look at your language. Fear divides, Love unites. You are a timeless Soul having a human experience. You will find Heaven within You. Will it be in this lifetime? Or the next one? Or will it take many lifetimes? Or perhaps you have already arrived.

Love You.



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