The Light of the Shadow
Both Light and Shadow are the Dance of Love ~ Rumi

No-thing can cast a shadow. If there is nothing there, no shadow. In other words, non-duality has no thing(s). In the beginning was the Light. And the Light was without form. No form. No-thing.

Although this is very abstract languaging … it does give us a glimpse about the nature of consciousness without form or shadow.

Then we jump into duality. With the metaphorical … Big Bang. Fast forward a few billion years … and there is this planet orbiting a sun in this solar system. It takes quite a long time before sentences start to show up on the cosmic canvas of creation. I mean, you have to make atoms. And big-ass mass (planets and other celestial bodies). And from that cosmic dirt, the creation of life. Self-animated life. Which implies DNA and such. But we are still a long way from sentencing. We need a brain and an ego. Add a few more billion years … and that brings us to last week.

So what is this shadow thingy? The idea of bad archetypes? Bad archetypes … no doughnuts for you.

Bad sentencing. Bad mental constructs. Bad choices. Bad karma.

There is a big perspective. A very big perspective. Take a look at the night sky … thousands of billions of galaxies. And those are just the ones we can see with our big telescopes. The BIG canvas of creation itself. What is possible? What is possible to create? This might have been the conversation between Divine Mother and Divine Father. Right before this big-ass dance of creation got started…

Non-duality cannot see itself. You need a here and a there. You need a you and a me. And you need time. For the Lover, the act of Loving and the Loved to all exist. For all the elements and the environment that Love can witness itself. Pure Love can only see Love. Pure Love can see the shadow of creation and see that it is all Big Love witnessing itself. The dream of Love itself really.

The darkest of the shadows afford the ability to see the slightest sliver of Light. As if you were sitting in a theater and the house lights were lit up so bright. You could not see the subtlest of shadows on the screen. But bring the house lights all the way down, and you can see the most subtle expressions of Light on the screen.

That is Planet Earth. Perhaps the darkest karmic theater around. For Love to witness itself. Here on earth, in this karmic quagmire, the slightest expression of Love can make you weep with Joy. To know Love here is such a given. Can you be the witness of Love? In all of its forms? Love created this “darkness” so that you would have the opportunity to do just that.

Love You!



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