The Enlightened Ego
Where ARE we all going?

Can you make Love to Yourself? Can you fall in Love with Yourself? Can you fall in Love with All that Is?

The practice of Love is a curious journey. You could say that the journey to enlightenment is Your relationship with Your ability, or in-ability, to Love … All that Is.

Sure, certainly, the practice of BEing of empty mind is a very good practice. But it is a practice. Not the end of the journey, No-mind is a good place to Live. Yes, we can go into a cave, close our eyes, and search until we find the Heaven within. But still. Here we are. Heaven does exist within you now. Right now.

But the intention of the Creator to create all that is, hasn’t magically ended, once we find the ocean of bliss within us. We are here to EXPERIENCE Love and the act of Loving. Which, on this planet at this time, is a radical act. ; – )

Your ego is the vehicle of your Soul.

Your Body casts the shadow. Your Soul casts the Light.

To enlighten your ego is to let go of any resistance to Love. TO show Love. To feel Love. To make Love. The physical realm is the canvas of this Divine Loving.

Do not fret. For a single second. You are safe now. You are Loved now. There is so much unconditional Love right here right now. Here for you to feel. To embody. To enjoy. The ecstasy of Loving. All roads (eventually) lead to Heaven. You are here to feel every step. To choose your path. AS You prefer. It is all for You. In other words, all that YOU can feel and experience, is the reason for Your existence. To be a point of presence for the Divine to experience itself. And everything you can feel is there just for you.

Thrust in your sickle. Daydream the life that you would Love. Wake up every day with virgin eyes. Where will you see the Love of the Divine in the seemingly mundane aspects of your life today? Love awaits your ability to embody it just a little more. For so many of us, it is our ego that will decide if that happens. Or not. You could say the enlightened ego is the face of the Soul. Your Soul. Your Soul knows the feeling of heaven. And it looks for an ego that will allow it, choose it, and embody it all through this walk of life.

Love You!



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