The Divine Idea of You
The sweet spot of living your Divine potentials

Here we are. Another day on planet Earth. Another day in your life. Another moment of eternity.

So … What is the point? Where are we “going?” How will we know when we have arrived?

What IS the Divine idea of BEing a human BEing? I find it curious to listen to people as they share what is front and center in their everyday living. For so many of us it is about healing. Or success, or prosperity. Or perhaps Love. And, of course, perhaps countless other arenas of focus.

But where does it end? Where ARE we going? What is all this for anyway?

Well … You.

You are a point of presence of Divinity right now. What do YOU desire right now? What You desire. That might seem like a cop-out. Like the answer is too easy. I get that. But … really. Desire itself.

When we are on the journey of awakening, we can start to corral our attachment to our ego’s desires. It has been said that all suffering is failing to accept … what is. What is already created. There are spiritual practices that are all about curbing our ego’s desires. And certainly there is much truth in the power of that. If you think of the spiritual journey itself, it could perhaps be couched as the desire to (re)discover the truth of who we really are. And there is a shedding of all the various identities that we have assigned ourselves. In other words, when we grew an ego, we developed a collage of identities. And in the journey of self-discovery, it does serve us to shed our built-up sense of self.

There is a point in this self-discovery process, where we re-introduce ourselves to our authentic desires. Those desires that come from our heart and soul. Once we have rooted out our ego’s searching for a sense of fulfillment from external “things,” there IS a Divine source of desires that comes from the very core of our BEing. That orb of pure Divine consciousness at our very core.

Enter Love. Divine Love. God/Goddess, or perhaps Source Consciousness, Loves us so very dearly. This human consciousness, your human consciousness, IS the Divine creation. It IS the purpose itself. Perhaps put in a more general context, consciousness itself IS the “reason” for all that is. Every single point of consciousness is Divinity expressing itself. From the single cell organism, to You and Your desires too. The creation of this entire galaxy came from that very same desire.

YOU are here to manifest Your desires. And when those desires come from a place of Loving, Divine Love has an opportunity to express on this physical plane. And when Your ego feels that Divine Unconditional Love express through you, as You, You find yourself feeling Heaven on Earth. The well of Divine desires within you has no end. There isn’t a moment that the expansion of consciousness is done. Ever. Gaze at all the stars and galaxies in the sky at night. Worlds without end. Countless points of presence of the One Consciousness. Source Consciousness. You are that very same consciousness right now.

What would You Love to experience? Prosperity, Peace, Joy, Passion, Compassion, Joy, Excitement, Discovery? Thrust in Your sickle. It is God/Goddess’ good pleasure to give you the kingdom. The kingdom of heaven that is already in You. Bringing Heaven (back) to Earth. To re-discover the infinite well of Unconditional Love at your core, and then to embody that Love in this karmic storm. Where You are the expansion of Divine Love expressed in our human collective. How cool is THAT! Love feels so very bliss-full when it flows through you untethered. Practice Loving today. This Day.

Love You!



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