This Mind of Mine
Who is minding your mind?

There is a lens we see our life through. Kind of a karmic casting if you will. Our mind, by its very nature, thinks of things. Of all sorts of things. When we look at our mind it could be considered a symbol-processor. You are reading these words right now. Each word is a symbol of sorts. And you have an assigned meaning to each word that you read. And if we take a step back, and look at the sentences and paragraphs, there is a larger meaning to it all.

Enter our Soul. The BIG consciousness. The knower of sorts. When we think of the idea of a Soul, we can see that the Soul actually transcends time and space. There is an idea in perhaps advanced metaphysics that says … all “nows” are happening right now. This now. Right now. This might be a bit of a stretch to think about … but!

You can consider a few concepts. The first is the idea of past-life regression. If you have ever had a past-life regression, it is quite an experience. The feeling of it is so real. For my first past-life regression, I was standing on a ship out at sea, in the middle of the night, during a hurricane. I was standing on the deck of the ship, as it was pitching and swaying, and I very much remember the feeling of my soaked clothes, and the water that had drenched me. So. Did I connect, from this lifetime, to the actual event from a past life? Give it a think.

The second idea is the idea of channeling. This time we are going to look at Bashar, and his channel Darryl Anka. Bashar himself states that he is actually (the Soul of) Darryl from 300 years into the future. Or Darryl’s “future” self. Here we have another time and space transcendence. Not only is the connection across 300 years of time, but also from a totally different location.

Both these scenarios are a reflection of the idea that the universe is actually a hologram. And within a hologram, all points are found in each individual point. To see the universe as a hologram of Source Consciousness gives us some clues about what is possible.

Wait a minute. This blog post is titled “This Mind of Mine.” Why are we talking about holographic consciousness? Glad you asked. The reason is You. Or perhaps, the ALL of You’s. Your Akashic records are an energetic account of all of your past lifetimes. And if we can say that they are an account of your past, then THIS lifetime is available to a future lifetime of yours. This lifetime is a past lifetime of your future Self. And then add the idea that even our FUTURE lifetimes are available to us now, I mean, all points are available to all other points. Time and Space points. Archetype points (personas). Actually any of our human attributes are online right now. Every now.

So this mind of mine… Who is the You that transcends ALL of your lifetimes? Your Soul. The common consciousness to all of YOUR personal lifetimes. The point of all of this is that You a very vast library of lifetimes that you can tap. Have you, or will you, be a King or Queen or both? How about a Nobleman or a Noblewoman, or both? When have you been healthy? Wise, caring, compassionate, a mystic, sage or alchemist?

All of these archetypes that you have, or will, live out are available for you to “tap into” now. Mining your Akashic records, both past and future, is an excellent way for you to hone the (energetic) idea of you in your best persona possible. That Divine idea of you. Living a Noble Life. To bring your mind/ego around to embody the best idea of you is perhaps the most rewarding intention you could have in this lifetime. To be able to sculpt your mind, to bring it into alignment with your Soul’s idea of the best authentic idea of you … is perhaps the most rewarding persona you can live. Pure Authentic You!

We are going to delve into this even deeper in the next upcoming New Human Living radio show on March 7. Join Us?

Love and Light



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