The Touch of Love
When two Souls hold each other in Love

The stories of our human past can have such stories of heartache and emotional anguish. Who hasn’t cried their eyes out because of painful feelings? Yet, there is another part of living. And that is a place of Love. Unconditional Love. Where two Souls have loved each other within the storm. This Love isn’t always obvious. Until, perhaps, it is gone.

Who in your life has touched you at a very deep level? This can be anyone who has spent time with you. Perhaps within a family dynamic. Perhaps in the workplace. Perhaps just as friends. Those people who “get you.” Who understand you. Who see you, perhaps at a deeper level than others in your life.

When two Souls choose to share a human path together. When two Souls choose to be there for each other, during the storm. In a role of genuine support and friendship. Lovers really. It might not look like Love, or at least, romantic Love. But Love has many faces. Who in YOUR path holds you in high regard regardless of your condition or story? A parent? A friend? A co-worker or a boss? Perhaps a sibling? OR an Uncle, Aunt or Grandparent? Oftentimes we just don’t know how deep this Love connection goes … until they are gone. Until they cross back over to the realm of pure consciousness. Then we feel it. A deep loss. A very deep dis-connect of sorts. That Love that was there, through the human elements, suddenly becomes etherical. Non-physical. And we grieve.

Can you feel the Love that others have for you? Before they are gone? Can you recognize the Soul connection(s)? Perhaps one of the most painful feelings is the loss of a physical connection to a Soul that has chosen to Love you through the storm of our human condition. Who has been there for you? Who has “had your back” throughout your journey? Through the good and the bad?

You are Loved. Period.

Love is a powerful feeling. Love is a powerful connection. Often we will avoid looking at it because of the feelings it has brought us in our past. But don’t look away. Love is a very splendid thing. To Love a Love connection you have with another Soul, while living your lives together, is perhaps the very gift of life itself. Our Souls Love new opportunities to Love another.

Look for Love today. Look with virgin eyes. Love is all around us. Love You!



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