Dream. Big.
Co-create with the creator.

How do you go from a peasant to a king? From a seeker to the Divine itself? From a mere mortal to the immortal consciousness of the Divine? I am not suggesting anything about you, the reader. This is a metaphorical conversation.

Who are we? Really.

A simple question. If we consider who it is that is reading this sentence … who is the answer.

Sure, your ego is taking the symbols, the characters and words, and assigning meaning to them. Creating your own understanding of what they mean. But your ego is so … single lifetime consciousness.

Your Soul is here too. And your Soul has been through so many different lifetimes. Your Soul has been through so many different archetypes too. Perhaps your Soul has played out the peasant and royalty, the sinner and the saint, the cop and the criminal, the statesman and the jester, the doctor and the witch, and perhaps even the mortal and the immortal.

But wait, isn’t there an even further step back? There is the ego, the soul and the … Divine?

Divinity itself. Perhaps the cleanest language here is extremely basic and simple. Perhaps the Yin and the Yang. Or perhaps the Masculine and the Feminine. The God and the Goddess. The first moment out of singularity. The first instant of polarization of Oneness/Source/Consciousness.

What is the advantage to pick this all apart? Really now. We are humans reading sentences on planet Earth. Why are we talking about Divinity in such abstract ways? The reason is … our mythology, the known history of humanity, cannot show us where we are going. All of the archetypes of the past will soon be obsolete.

As we make the return to knowing the truth of who we are, so many archetypes will become impossible. Once self-love gets anchored in your consciousness again, the role of the victim will not even show up in your consciousness. Once you remember the impersonal aspect of karmic law, the sinner will no longer be an identity you can hold on to. So many of the archetypes of the past will simply be ignored as choices. Sure, free agency will still hold on to them as choices, but who we have become will no longer be interested in going there again.

Enter Love. Love. As we journey back home, to the ocean of unconditional Love within us, that Love will show us visions. Visions of how Love might show up in our current human condition. You will be the point of inspiration of that Love. BIG Love. Galactic Love. In the sense that what that Love looks like, has not been written about in our human past on this planet.

When you volunteer to co-create with the Divine, REALLY BIG ideas will show up in your consciousness. I mean, we are now living in a time where another human being, who is walking around on this planet right now, is actively moving towards colonizing another planet. If that had happened in our past human history, there would be neighbors in our solar system. If not you, then perhaps your kids will be able to meet Martians. Human beings who have been born on Mars. Does that give you a glimpse about the new size of BIG DREAMS?

When we talk about co-creating with the Divine … no dream is too big.

How big can your ego embrace the dreams of the Divine? What could Heaven on Earth really look like? Don’t tell me, but do tell your ego. And then get to it!

Love You!



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