The Power of an Idea
Honoring the Vision of your Soul

We are living in such exciting times. This lifetime, this one right now, has a unique opportunity to it.

How are you going to live your life? Day in and day out we can get comfortable in a sense of normalcy or predictability. The ego can really like knowing what will happen next. The unknown can feel unsettling and unsure. And for many of us, there is so much energetic upheaval within us. We are going though some big energetic shifts. The universe is upgrading us energetically.

We are coming out of old energy. Old paradigms. Old stories of possibilities. And our mythology cannot show us what is next. For perhaps the first time in aeons of time, the next chapter of our human story is going into COMPLETELY new ground.

Enter the notion of a Soul. Your Soul is multi-dimensional. It has a presence in many different paradigms right now. It has access to your Akashic records. Right now. Remember that lifetime where you were a great and noble leader? Where your vision of possibilities guided so many to a better life? Or perhaps you were the Queen of Ages. The Queen with an open heart and a bold vision. Your Soul has information right now that your ego cannot imagine. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your Heart and Soul connected to your ego?

Well, that is a very powerful idea. Idea. A birth of sorts.

You can keep on reading. You can go take a nap. Or pour another shot of organic whiskey. You can do anything really.

But what you ACTUALLY do will decide who you become in your future. To take time to teach your ego how much your ego would enjoy trusting the vision of your heart and soul. To teach your ego how to trust. And understand the deep sense of peace that can come from that trust. To teach your ego that it is through the power of new thoughts, known as an idea, that you start to honor the vision of your Soul. How it will be those ideas that seem to just pop into your everyday thoughts. As the start of something different. As the seeds of change. How do you honor an idea? How do you capture its essence? And perhaps the most powerful part, hold the vision of the idea over time. To hold the idea without polluting or diluting it with your ego’s attempt to downsize it. Can your ego recognize when an idea from your Soul has arrived? What to do with it once it has identified it as being from your Soul?

Your biggest ides is not a mistake. The bar has been raised … a lot. A single person, Elon Musk, intends to colonize another planet. And has just tested the world’s most powerful active rocket to do just that. And has a MUCH bigger rocket on the drawing board.

Isn’t it time to honor your vast Divine Potentials? Your ego will decide what you actually do. Spend time upgrading your ego. You deserve to live a most incredible life. Live your life like A Citizen King! The New Age of Power.

The Power of You!

Love You!



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