Is Your Consciousness Expanding?
It is not an automatic thing

Perhaps it sounds like something out of the hippie movement. Expand Your Consciousness Man … Groovy!

But there is something about expanding your consciousness. Like a vibrational signature, the vibration of our consciousness decides so much about our everyday life.

We can look at it through the Law of Attraction. LOA. What are we attracting? For so many of us, we have MUCH more energy lodged in our own subconscious, than all of our “conscious” energy that we are aware of. For myself, I spent decades attracting angry people into my life, even though I didn’t show any sort of anger. (That is the first sign ;-). I had attracted an angry boss into my life. Like a karmic pro, I attracted to me the perfect teacher to show me my own SUBCONSCIOUS karma.

Sure, I could be pursuing my life path. Writing books. Hosting radio shows. Dreaming massive visions of what Heaven on Earth would look like. And yet, when I went to implement them … I would attract angry people.

That is the thing about karma. Whatever level you are working on right now, there is a higher level. There is always a higher level. Consciousness expands. The whole universe is expanding. Thus all of life in the whole of this universe is experiencing more. More consciousness expressed. And even now, in this moment, even more expression. And even … well, you get the idea. Forever expanding.

So take a look at your own personal universe. The totality of who you are. Do you envision much bigger things coming your way? Not that bigger is always better … but … your dreams, as a reflection of how you see yourself, can expand all throughout your life. How BIG do you want to play? How far do you want to go? I have always been very curious about our “human” potentials. Or rather … our Divine potentials.

To expand your consciousness can be an elusive thing. I do think it takes intentional effort. It can take some “de-programming” of your beliefs. And add a big dose of forgiveness and compassion for yourself.

The wisdom of Time will tell best. Who you become in the future will reflect the choices you are making today. This day. The only day there is.

Love to You!



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