The root of creation itself

In the beginning was the Light. Light.

There is nowhere to hide in a hologram. All elements are “online.” And within each point in a hologram, all points are present. This idea re-enforces the notion that God, with a big G, is within you now. Well, that is only half correct. God suggests Masculine. In order for true Power to be present, we need to balance that out with Feminine. Goddess is within you now as well. God and Goddess are within you now. Hmmm. We are still using symbols (God/Goddess) to “define.”

There … much better. In the beginning, of all that is, there was only Light. And within that Light, which had no form, was the potential of all form(s) of creation. That very same Light is within you now. You ARE the Creator incarnate. Quite literally.

We could bring in the Quantum mirror here. The mirror of creation. Perhaps that was “created” first … so that the Big Bang of matter could be created. Mirrors are unbiased. Mirrors have no concern as to what they reflect. I like the notion of water here. When water is perfectly still, is has a perfect reflection. But any wave in the water influences the reflection.

All of creation starts in the intangible realm of consciousness. Inspiration shows up as energy first. The “idea” itself is an energetic thought or notion. A gift from the Feminine side of creation. Perhaps it is the answer to a prayer. And now, the hand-off. The energy of the inspiration is “shown” to the quantum mirror. And the Masculine brings it into form. The result of the reflection in the quantum field.

God (Masculine) in the first moments of creation, didn’t start gluing atoms together. There were no atoms yet. It was the instantaneous and effortless reflection of the quantum that created. Just the thought itself created.

Enter Karma. Ripples in the water. Energy stored in your (sub)conscious. Standing waves (waves that are constant) of the past. Standing waves that had accumulated as we progressed through many lifetimes. Karma is like many beacons of energy that the law of attraction responds to. To attract to us a “reflection” of our past karmic experiences.

Peace, Purity, and thus … Power.

Quiet the water again. Cleanse the standing waves of karma. Purify the energy that we are showing the quantum mirror. Find that place of Quiet Mind within us. That ocean of Peace that lies within us. The Light itself. Consciousness without form. As we purify our personal energy, we are restoring our power. We are quieting the “water.” Purifying the energy that we are showing the quantum mirror. We experience this as a more peaceful experience. Even if we are walking in the karmic storm of the collective consciousness, we become Peace personified.

As the stream of Divine Inspiration comes into our consciousness, the quantum mirror reflects it into creation. If there is little to no karma left, we are attracting only the elements of creation itself. If we are pure, then the inspiration is the only thing doing the attracting through the law of attraction. No karmic dilution of energy. No karmic lessons. Just creation itself. That is a very Powerful place to live. The purity of our energy defines a pure reflection. The Peace within our consciousness is the Light itself. In the beginning, the Light had no worries or concerns. It was at Peace with itself. And with the Purity of the Light and the Peace of no other thoughts or concerns, Divine God and Divine Goddess could create the entire universe without effort. Wow. What a very powerful place to live.

Purify your own Personal Energy Persona. Quiet your mind and find the ocean of Peace within you now. And you will be the Point of Presence of the Power of creation personified. Pure Authentic You.

Love You!



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