karma energy


The root of creation itself In the beginning was the Light. Light. There is nowhere to hide in a hologram. All elements are “online.” And within each point in a hologram, all points are present. This idea re-enforces the notion that God, with a big G, is within you now. Well, that is only half correct. God suggests Masculine. In order for true Power to be present, we need to balance that out with Feminine. Goddess is within you now as well. God and Goddess are within you now. Hmmm. We are still using symbols (God/Goddess) to “define.” Light. There … much better. In the beginning, of all that is, there was only Light. And within that Light, which had no form, was the potential of all form(s) of creation. That very same Light is within you now. You ARE the Creator incarnate. Quite literally. We could bring in the…