Your Soul has a vision for your life
(In memory of Dr. Martin Luther King)

We are the current storyline of countless generations that have gone before us. Billions of Souls have incarnated on this planet for eons of time. And here we are … right now. What are we going to bring about in the future that lies before us now?

Quantum Mechanics, Law of Attraction, Sacred Geometry, Epigenetics, Conscious Creating and Divine Love. All topics that we have discussed in depth here at New Human Living. Through our blogs, like this one, and also through our many radio show interviews.

Do you believe? It is done unto You as You believe.

If asked ( O.K. I’ll ask you ), How likely is it that your life purpose will be fulfilled completely? How likely will the vision of your Soul come true? In other words … do you ACTUALLY believe that you will fulfill your own Divine potentials?

Have you, in the last three months, spent more than a few minutes daydreaming what Heaven on Earth would look like TO YOU?

If you could craft your day(s) to look like whatever you wanted, what would they look like? Where would you wake up? By the mountains/ocean/rural country farmhouse/etc.? What would the most exciting part of your day be spent doing? Writing/playing music/solving problems/helping others/creating? What is the most consistent inspiration that you receive about what your future has in store for you???

Our ancestors have had a dream of what Heaven might look like. But the intangible, and yet very powerful, aspects of the process of creation have not been common knowledge in the past. But we are now poised to actually consciously create Heaven on Earth. In THIS lifetime. The ability to embody Unconditional Love for all that is … as it is … is a real potential within you now.

To flex your power of creation is to actually have a clear vision of what you would prefer your future to look like. To actually believe that it will come to pass. To expect it to happen. We are perhaps the first substantial generation of conscious creators. And we come from all walks of life. From so many diverse backgrounds too.

This is it. Now is the time. Is your hat in the ring? Does your ego follow the inspiration from your Heart and Soul on a daily basis? There is nobody on the planet more endowed with Divinity. You are Divine right now. You are a portal for Divine consciousness to Dream of a future, and then consciously create it. Your Desires are the expression of the Divine. Big God and Big Goddess have no motive of their own. It is through our human desires that the will of the Divine will be fulfilled. That is just how important your own personal desires are.

What would you Dream for your future?

Love You!



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