Heaven and Hell are both possible today

Did you enjoy yesterday? Are there moments from yesterday that you can remember that make you smile? What about today? This day. Right now.

As Souls incarnate, we always have free-agency to create as we choose. Often our religions have us preparing for Heaven AFTER judgment day. After that mythical day, THEN we are assigned to either Heaven or Hell. Well, hell exists today. There are plenty of people who will experience a form of hell today. Suffering is still present on this planet.

If, indeed, free-agency is a fundamental part of BEing consciousness expressing, then we eternally have the option of heaven or hell in each moment. If you want to “go” to heaven, then schedule the trip for today. This day. The ever-present NOW is the only time ever that you will experience anything. You want to “go” to heaven? Learn to Love. Learn to Love all that is … as it is … right now. This now. The potentials for the experience of Heaven exist in EVERY moment forever. Unconditional Love is the consciousness of Heaven. Unconditional Love for all that is … as it is … is the place where you will experience Heaven today. This day. Can you Love everything that you see? Every face of humanity?

You get in physical shape by exercising often. You get to Heaven by practicing the act of Loving. Is it not incredible that we are given fierce freedom? Total and complete freedom. No limitations whatsoever. None. That is so powerful. The idea of complete freedom is the most exciting venture possible. And it is also what allows the creation of hell. Hell could not exist if it weren’t a choice. It comes with the freedom of infinite possibilities. Humanity has chosen fear and hate for centuries. And that has brought the experience of hell to this planet.

But all of that is all a passing chapter. Hell and suffering are leaving the planet. The planet is healing. Humanity is on the rise. Heaven is already here on the planet, embodied by those who have learned to unconditionally Love all that is … as it is … right now. You can embody Heaven today. This day. In fact, you can live in Heaven for every day for the rest of your life.

Have you found the Heaven within you now? The kingdom of Heaven is within us always. It is the journey within.

Love You!



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