Your Dreams are the Seeds for Your Tomorrow

The future always exists as energy first. The LAST thing to happen is when the atoms move. The physical effect is the result of what was once only energy.

Your consciousness is what can create fresh new energy. You can think of it like a whip. The handle of the whip moves first, and then the tip of the whip always follows the handle of the whip.

Creation starts as an inside job. At the core of your consciousness is Divinity itself. All consciousness is holographic. When there is a new desire or a new inspiration … that is the beginning of a physical change. When we get better as creators in our life, it typically comes from moving our attention on the outside, the physical world, and moving our attention inward to the vision itself. Indeed, the ability to HOLD A VISION for the future, is a very powerful practice.

When we keep our attention on the physical world, we are not creating new outcomes. WE are actually putting our creative force (our consciousness itself) on what has already been created. Our physical eyes cannot see the future. Our physical eyes can only show us the present moment. The birthplace of our past. IF we spend our days stuck in our busy minds, we are typically reiterating what HAS happened or perhaps worrying about what might happen in the future.

So you are going to buy yourself a BIG RED TRUCK. A cherry-red BIG RED TRUCK. Boy, what a sight that BIG RED TRUCK is.

So … the next time you notice a BIG RED TRUCK, let it be an example of what’s been on your mind. To seed your consciousness with the VISION of a BIG RED TRUCK. You will have an image of the future in your head. And then, perhaps when you least expect it, you will see a BIG RED TRUCK. OK, enough.

Well, that is how we can bring the energy of our visions and dreams into physical form. We actually spend our consciousness thinking and dreaming of our future. Of what we want to happen in our future. And then, as we go about our day, we are energetically poised to resonate with the next steps. The next physical events that will move our dreams closer to becoming realized. Creation is an inside job, at least as the first steps. Moving the handle of the whip in the direction we want to see. In the direction that we want our lives to unfold. To energetically create the vision. And then, with the energy of our consciousness, be consciously present when we “get a hit” with the physical work. We actually see the B.R.T.

So there is one last point. As we have discussed, while holding a vision, and then catching the moments that resonate with it, we can also carry out a general practice. And that is Love. To hold the vision of SEEING Love manifest in the physical realm. In an ethereal way, social media is a great place to see Love in “action.” A mother gushes Love over the video of her child learning to walk, ride a bike or such. OR two people who are courting each other gush love. But then take it to the streets. Pay attention. Pay attention to those around you. Friends or strangers, it doesn’t matter. Just catch those moments when you are seeing Love express. Observe the environment around you, and look for Love. The animal kingdom has the least resistance to Loving too.

What you put your consciousness on …
Focus on the good stuff.

Love You!



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