Single Savior System

Is One Savior going to be Enough?

It is a curious thing. Really. How many religions put all their hope in their (Single) Savior? Their Big Guy. When HE returns, well, he will kick sin’s ass all the way to hell. Is it Muhammad? Jesus? Buddha? Krishna? Every religion has their pinnacle-person. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus, from my perspective, is someone I look to in order to know what embodying Love can look like. He also said that you and I will do EVERYTHING that he has done, and even MORE too.

So give this a think … Every single savior from every single religion that has ever existed in our recorded history, has not ended war, suffering or pain on this planet. All of them have come and gone, and we still have quite the karmic quagmire here on planet Earth. When Jesus left the earth the last time, the Roman empire had war as an everyday effort. God, the BIG BIG guy, up in the sky, can send saviors until the end of time. And they ALL will not be the answer. The idea that saviors are the savers, just won’t cut it. Why is that?

When Jesus left the last time, free will existed in the hearts of men. And free will is still here today. Everyone on the planet has free will to choose whatever it is that they will choose. Free will doesn’t end. It is present in this and every moment ever. We are free to choose. Anything really. The way out of the storm is to choose to change what we are choosing … collectively.

Enter Karma. The karmic imprinting of our collective consciousness. Humanity on this planet has scarred its own psyche at such a deep level, that the vast majority of humanity is holding some deep subconscious wounds. When we look at the effect of deep scarring of the human psyche, that is where the villains come from. The tyrants. The dictators. Hate of another human, to the point of seeking their destruction, is a reflection of fear. Scarring of the psyche at a very deep level.

Saviors are not saviors by themselves. They don’t “save” us. Our Divinity is absolute. We never needed “saving.” But, we do need directions and guidance to heal our inner wounds. We, the people, are the “saviors” of humanity. Since we have free will, as a collective, it will not be until we collectively want to heal … and then go about healing … that we will be on the path back to Heaven on Earth.

And one last point … Consciousness is holographic. Your consciousness touches ALL of consciousness. When you raise the vibration of your consciousness, you make it easier for all of humanity to raise theirs too. And consciousness is exponential power too. You raise your consciousness a fraction of an inch, then you automagically empower everyone who is seeking the same results in their life. Again, Jesus DEMONSTRATED the power of Love. To walk into a group of people and heal them by his presence alone … Master “Savior” for sure … by demonstrating the effect of raised consciousness. Saviors are cool. But so are You!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year and wonder-filled 2018 ahead!

Love to You!



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