karma consciousness


Single Savior System Is One Savior going to be Enough? It is a curious thing. Really. How many religions put all their hope in their (Single) Savior? Their Big Guy. When HE returns, well, he will kick sin’s ass all the way to hell. Is it Muhammad? Jesus? Buddha? Krishna? Every religion has their pinnacle-person. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus, from my perspective, is someone I look to in order to know what embodying Love can look like. He also said that you and I will do EVERYTHING that he has done, and even MORE too. So give this a think … Every single savior from every single religion that has ever existed in our recorded history, has not ended war, suffering or pain on this planet. All of them have come and gone, and we still have quite the karmic quagmire here on planet Earth. When Jesus left the…