Christ Consciousness to You

Where is it that we are headed?

When we think of the “spiritual” journey … where is it exactly that we are going? To get clear about what is the destination of this spiritual journey? Is it a place on a map? Once we arrive … then !!!

Or is it a state of consciousness? We meditate and then … then…

Then … what?

There are a few common attributes to our Divine consciousness. One of them is … there is always another moment. Another “now” that comes along. Oh wait, here is yet another “now.” And another … you get the point (now ;-).

The continuity of consciousness.

And then there is free will. Your thought-generator does not have any limitations on it. There is no such thing as eternal damnation or eternal salvation. Eternal salvation suggests there is a time when you are not in the grace of Christ-consciousness. That “something” has to change for your salvation to be “acquired.”

Nope. You cannot have a thought outside of Divine consciousness. The universe is not divided against itself. In other words, there is not another source of consciousness. All of consciousness comes from the One. Source consciousness. Divine consciousness. The consciousness behind ALL consciousness. So your Divinity is as assured, just as it is assured that there will be another “now.” Like this one right … now.

Sure, certainly, there is a progression of consciousness behind our spiritual journey. Certainly we can have countless days from our past that were less than heaven. Many of us incarnated into a storm of sorts. And to rise out of the storm is a journey to be celebrated.

Heaven is present in every moment. Heaven exists in all moments. In this moment right now.

So what is the point? There are so many different ways we can feel “heaven” all along our journey. You can find heaven today. And tomorrow. And in every day along the journey. Indeed, the only day that you can ever experience heaven is … today. This day.

To learn how to Love the Divinity of it all. Just as it is right now. To Love all that is happening today, this day, is the doorway to experiencing heaven today. This day.

But wait! Life is full of pain and suffering. There are millions of humans feeling pain and sorrow today. Heaven must be some other day. Heaven will have to wait until all suffering has ended. Well, actually … no.

You do not serve anyone by suffering yourself. You never improve the possibilities of the moment by lowering your vibration. You will not help end poverty by moving into poverty yourself. We are all connected. We are always connected. When you look at what is, and Love the fact that we are given fierce freedom to experience darkness, you are the one that brings the Light into the darkness.  Which is what Jesus did that makes him the “savior.”

At some level, we all chose to go into the darkness. We chose the darkness so that we could know what it feels like to feel the Light of Love from within the darkness. When you learn to Love what is, as it is … right now, you are the soul who has mastered the art of Loving even from within the storm. To EMBODY the Light of Love in all situations and conditions is the opportunity to experience Heaven in all circumstances. To live in heaven in all the days of your life.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, who could embody Light in the darkness of humanity, we are celebrating the journey itself. For Jesus said, you will do everything that I have done.

You Love-Ambassador You!

Love You!



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