What Do You Desire?

Desire is an inside journey

What is it that you desire? What would you change about your life? What would it feel like to have your desires fulfilled?

There is a curious concept. The notion that God Divine doesn’t have any plan for humanity. That we are on our own. God, the Big Guy, does not interfere with our human preferences. Something about that just seems a little off. I mean, the Big God, doesn’t have any desires for us? Really?

It has been shown over countless centuries that man can go as far into the darkness as MAN desires. We can wage war til the end of time. And God does not intervene. At least not as some powerful force that overrides our own free will. We are here for the human experience. HUMAN experience. Flesh and bones.

Whether man experiences peace on earth, or more pain and suffering, will be decided by man. You and I. Us. We, the people.

God DOES have desires for us … as US. We are given fierce freedom. We are the face of the Divine. There is no separation of your consciousness and God-consciousness. They are one and the same. There is a vision of Heaven on Earth. There is a dream of sorts. A Divine Dream. Of humanity living in unconditional Love. Like a giant Love Fest! Perhaps the hippies were ahead of their time?

What is it that YOU desire? Is it Love?

Can the desire for things actually BE Love itself?

So a car designer wants to make a better car. She wants it to really hug the road. To feel so sure to drive. A powerful feeling to take the corners with confidence. She frets over every little detail. What is the camber of the tire? Where is the center of gravity? How will it handle the corners? Desiring perfection. Desiring an even better (human) experience. I LOVE how this new design performs.

So a car lover wants the best performance car. A lover of high-performance engineering. To drive a winding canyon road feeling the exhilaration of taking the corners with confidence and power. Oh how wonderful a nice car can feel to drive. To love the (human) feeling of high-performance fun! Wow, I LOVE how this car handles the corners.

Your desires are no mistake. Your desires are the desires of God-consciousness itself. The Big God does not desire from a big-ass throne on high. But rather in you, through you, as you. As YOU prefer.

Love You!



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