Popping New Neurons

Feeling new sensations arriving

We are here for the human experience. How does it feel to be human?

There are a vast array of feelings that are possible for us to experience. There are the tactile feelings. Feelings that we feel through our body. The cool coastal breeze. The smell of coffee in the morning. The cozy soft feeling of our bed. The loving touch of a lover.

Then there are the feelings that all happen inside of us. The grateful feelings we feel when perhaps our parents look at us with adoration, pride, or love. The feeling of excitement when a new possibility becomes more probable. The flash of a new idea in our head. Setting a new direction in our life path.

New. New sensations. New possibilities. New directions.

We are creators. In every moment, the act of creation is happening. The infinite field of Divine consciousness is always seeking expansion. You are the face of that consciousness. It flows in you, through you, as you. When you become conscious of the new moments of creation, you are creating new neural patterns in your mind. You actually expand who you are. And that expansion is an always present possibility.

When you engage in new activities that you have never experienced before, you are born again. In a simple way. You are born to a new experience of what life has to offer.

Life is timeless. You are eternal. To take the time to discover new desires and preferences is to open up the possibilities of what your life can be. Your heart and your soul know which new possibilities would bring new feelings of excitement, joy and fulfillment. Daydreaming can be a way to allow new possibilities to arrive in your own consciousness. Music can do that too. Art as well. Travel is another.

As you move about your life, keep fresh eyes for the new possibilities that exist in every new moment.

Pop new neurons. Grow your experiences. And you will be renewed in all of your relationships. Including your relationship with yourself.

Love You!



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